We provide various programmes catered for different age groups that helps in educating, building and sustaining the environment and wildlife.

School Programs

Fuze Ecoteer runs school programmes for ecoteers aged 5 to 18 years old. We can involve the students in marine , rainforest, wildlife rescue and day trips. Programmes will always involve an element of nature and adventure. Full risk assessments can be downloaded

University Fieldtrips

Fuze Ecoteer has worked with several unversities and is unique in Malaysia. FE has collaborations with local university researchers and NGOs and is a legal tour operator with conservation and research experience. That is why FE is the best at provider university fieldtrips in Malaysia.

Corporate Programs

If you are looking for something different and back to nature for your corporate programme then look no further than Fuze Ecoteer. FE has experience of handling groups of 10 to 500 people and conducts half day workshops to multi-day corporate volunteering events.

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