Fuze Ecoteer specializes in offering the best Adventure Conservation school field trip experiences for students. We host students from age 6 all the way up to University students. Students get to experience amazing locations while helping communities and the environment.


We get your students involved in our conservation projects and give them a once in a lifetime school trip. Our programmes seek to educate and provide opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment for their work be it leading a school club or creating an awareness video for social media.  We seek to inspire and aspire children to be the leaders of the future.\

Our programmes challenge students to:

  • show initiative

  • demonstrate perseverance

  • develop skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making

Our school field trip programmes are suitable for CAS, service programmes, team building and bonding, Duke Of Edinburgh and related subjects covered are geography, ecology, research, and biology. 


We have a variety of school trip options and activities ranging from trekking, canoeing to solving the plastic problem with Precious Plastic as well as helping out with the community.


We guarantee to provide a fun and educational school trip that your students will love and remember!


Fuze Ecoteer provides University and college groups with field trip and study tours for service volunteering trips and also subject focused such as ecology, environmental science, marine biology and geography. We offer a great place for field trips and study tours for students. 

In beautiful environments universities groups can experience a wide range of activities from bird surveys to eco snorkeling This allows students to gain valuable skills and knowledge. 

We provide a fun, safe and educational environment for students and offers a host of volunteering and conservation activities to participate in. 

We aim to provide the best service to help you and your students make the most out of this wonderful experience.

We organise corporate team building and company trips to our projects which help provide high-quality corporate volunteering programmes for your employees. We help develop your employees teamwork abilities while giving back to the community. 


We are sensitive to the needs and do our best to provide the right team experience for your company. Whether it’s a beach clean up or restoring a house there is always something your team can do to help. 


We adjust our activities to the needs of your business while providing a tangible positive impact on the environment. A survey from Deloitee shows that respondents feel companies that have volunteering experience better work environments and that volunteering boosts employee morale. The millennial generation want to work for companies that care and having corporate social responsibility can help your company attract the best and brightest talent. 


Below is a group from American express which recently enjoyed a corporate volunteering experience at Perhentian islands.

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