Our impact

Fuze Ecoteer has been making waves in the conservation world since 2012
why not join us and volunteer in Malaysia.
The following are our social and environmental impacts from 2012 until today


Corporate participants connected to nature.


Turtle eggs saved across multiple nesting beaches.


Volunteers aiding our projects in Malaysia.


School, university and corporate participants have enjoyed our eco-learning adventures with us.


Animals rescued from the wildlife pet trade and 43 released back to the wild at our partner project.


Contributed to local communities by engaging their services in the course of our programmes.


Cigarette butts picked up and 45,384 plastic bottles removed during beach clean ups.

Our Work

Fuze Ecoteer is an accredited social enterprise (SE A Plus) located in Malaysia that focuses on conservation projects and leads 4 of their own projects and supports 2 independent NGOs,  volunteer in Malaysia or Indonesia with us. The projects lead and create eco-educational programmes for both students and adults to help create a positive impact to the environment that we live in. While the work that we do tackles serious issues, we love having fun and that is what we promise you too!

We are now offering short getaways in Malaysia, including  Selangor,  Terengganu  and Perak. We are also offering tips and advice to help people travel more sustainably

We can also help your company to become more sustainable by turning your waste streams into a new source of revenue or into parts that your organisation needs. Thus we can help you on your journey to a circular economy. Find out more about Upcycled by FE here.

Our Shop

Support our causes through buying our merchandise, a minimum of 60% of the fee goes directly towards funding conservation actions.

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