precious plastic gifts

Precious Plastic Gifts


These are the Fuze Ecoteer Precious Plastic Gifts.  They are perfect for any nature lover that wants items that have a story and/or purpose.  These items are made from ocean plastics.  The plastics are recovered from the beaches, rivers, and seas of Malaysia so they can no longer harm the environment.

Fuze Ecoteer uses the Precious Plastic machines to clean, shred, melt, and then inject the plastic to make a new product.  The Precious Plastic movement started in the Netherlands where they designed the machines and made the blueprints available online for free.  The purpose was to encourage more low-tech recycling projects around the world and it has most certainly done that.

Check out their official website here – Precious Plastic 


You can see how we make the precious plastic gift by watching the video of how we made the precious plastic wall clock. You can see more of our precious plastic products on this page at our Precious Plastic Store.


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