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16cm Ocean Plastic Wall Clocks – Limited edition Plastic from ICC Malaysia 2020


16cm Small Wall Clock made from plastic recovered from beach clean ups during the International Coastal Clean Up in Selangor, Malaysia. The clocks were made using type 2 HDPE and type 5 PP plastics using the Precious Plastic machines. These wall clocks are limited edition at present with RM10 being donated to Reef Check Malaysia to help fund future clean ups around Malaysia.

Ocean Plastic Wall Clocks

These beautiful ocean plastic wall clocks are made from plastic collected during the International Coastal Clean up on the beaches of Selangor in Malaysia. The plastic was collected from the beach, cleaned thoroughly, sorted into types, and then shredded. The tiny fragments of plastic are then inserted into a tube which is heated to 220c. After 10 minutes the plastic is melted and then injected into a mold. The clocks are then put into water and left to cool down for another 10 minutes. Once the plastic is cooled any excess plastic is trimmed and shredded again creating zero waste. A hole is drilled into the centre and the clockwork is attached to make these beautiful clocks.

For the limited edition the ocean plastic wall clocks are made from the plastic collected from the ICC Malaysia. MYR10 from each of the clocks is donated directly to Reef Check Malaysia.

Support the fight against ocean plastic and support Reef Check Malaysia by buying one of these amazing upcycled clocks.

Watch the story of these Ocean Plastic Wall Clocks below

What is the International Coastal Cleanup?

The International Coastal Cleanup began in 1990, when communities rallied together with the common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littering their coastline. The movement was catalyzed by the passion and spirit of two committed individuals. Back in 1986, Linda Maraniss moved to Texas from Washington, DC, where she had been working for Ocean Conservancy. She’d been inspired by the work her Ocean Conservancy colleague Kathy O’Hara was doing on a groundbreaking report called Plastics in the Ocean: More than a Litter Problem that would be published the next year.

In Malaysia the annual event is organised by Reef Check Malaysia in partnership with Trash Hero Malaysia and Coca Cola. In 2019 almost 12,000 volunteers participated in the clean-up at more than 100 locations.

Below you can read the annual report from 2019

Annual ICC report for 2019

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