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Outdoor / Dive slate


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Dive slate made from Ocean Plastics

These outdoor underwater dive slates are perfect for people who go scuba diving, trekking or whom collect data outside.  They wont rub off in the rain or underwater and can be cleaned using soap.  They are nice size that fits the hand 10cm wide and 15cm high.

What are we made from?

These outdoor underwater dive slates are made from several different types of plastic and upcycled waste.

Mainboard is made from white PP or HDPE plastic collected during beach and river cleanups.
Clip is made from PP or LDPE plastic like straws or squeezy bottles.
String is made from old fishing ropes and ghost nets
Rubber pencil grip is made from old rubber tubing from water filters.
Material connecting the mainboard with the clip is from discarded clothe.

The pencil is the only new thing bought to make this item.


How do we make the dive slate mainboard and clip

The mainboard of the item is made using the precious plastic recycling machines.  We first collect the plastic from the rivers and oceans of Malaysia. Once collected we clean and sort the plastics into type and colour.  The next phase is to shred the plastic into small pellets.  The small pellets are then put inside the injection machine which heats up to 220c at this temperature the plastic melts into a putty.  We then pull the handle and inject the hot plastic into a mould which is in the shape of the item we want to make.  We leave to cool for 7minutes and then open the mould and we have a nice new item made from river / ocean plastics!  You can find out more about Precious Plastic here.

We then make the other parts by upcycling other things that we find like rubber tubing and clothes.


Want to volunteer?

If you would like to help our cause then why don’t you join one of our volunteer programmes.  You can join our projects in the Perhentian Islands.  The projects are Perhentian Turtle Project, Perhentian Marine Research Station and the Perhentian Eco Education project.  You can find out all about them by going to this page, volunteer in marine conservation.  Additionally, if you want to volunteer with one of our river cleanups then please contact us directly, Contact Us Now.



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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm


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