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Virtual Field trips


Learn from our conservation projects in Malaysia and Indonesia. We make bespoke virtual field trips which are perfect for creating case studies for geography and biology subjects – High school to University level, IB CAS and Duke of Edinburgh volunteering elements and just to learn about tropical ecosystems.

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1 hour learning experience is Rm200

Other experiences for case studies and data analysis are bespoke prices.

Fuze Ecoteer are leading virtual field trips at their projects. We have conservation and tourism experts who can help teach your students and help develop case studies for exams and even real life entrepreneurial assignments through developing business plans for our precious plastic machine.


Turtle Photo ID Virtual field trip

During the turtle Photo ID programme your students will be taught about turtles in general and then we go more deeply into the photo ID method and the implications of the photo ID. You will then have a Q and A session and finally a kahoot quiz to measure learning levels.  Additionally we have datasets going back to 2015 and can provide datasets for geography and ecology related assignments.  You will learn from real life in situ conservationists.


Precious Plastic Workshop virtual field trips

We will teach you about plastics and recycling.  You will then learn about plastic recycling you can do at home and also see how the precious plastic machine works.  If you want to take this a step further we can develop bespoke entrepreneurial programmes around the precious plastic machines and can provide you with stock and products to sell.

Virtual Volunteering

You don’t need to physically visit an NGO or location to help it. You can have a virtual trip there and then develop ideas around campaigns that you could do on behalf of that organisation.  Good things are website design, awareness campaigns, product development, product sales and fundraising efforts.  The world is your oyster!


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