Rainforest Community Internship

Join the Malayan Rainforest Station community engagement team and help teach
and involve the local Malay and Bateq People in conservation and eco education work.

Location:Merapoh, Malaysia

Category: Rainforest, Education

Job Type: Internship

Contract Length: 3 Months Minimum

Application Closing Date: Ongoing – please apply now

Start Date: Ongoing

This rainforest community internship is perfect for someone looking to immerse themselves in a traditional culture and language while tying it together with the modern world to exist symbiotically and will require both enthusiasm and patience to work closely with the Bateq people. These are indigenous people of Malaysia who have a close relationship with the forests and speak their own Bateq language.

The Community Internship Role

In this community internship role you, as the Malayan Rainforest Station Community Intern, will have the opportunity to impart your passion for knowledge and learning on the local Malay and Indigenous Bateq kids, by giving them the basic and additional tools they require for a better understanding in education. For local Malay kids, it is important to develop the confidence to speak in English in them which we can help to improve through interactions. The kids also should be encouraged to be more proactive to discuss about Conservation, Sustainability and Environment within their areas and surrounding. They should also be encouraged to spread information and awareness to bigger crowds in the village.

The indigenous Bateq Tribe of Malaysia have a close relationship with the forests in which they live and speak their own Bateq language. Other than teaching basic Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science, there are other crucial disciplines that we can instil, develop and boost to this community such as hygiene, sanitation, well-being, self-presentation as well as cultural preservation and appreciation. Once they have this in them, the confidence to speak and socialize will come naturally as they will be aware on how important they are as the Guardian of The Forests.

Other than providing additional learning opportunity, we are working closely with the wider community group such as the Youths of Merapoh, Women’s Institution of Merapoh, Village Committee and Community Internet Centre, together with relevant stakeholders i.e. government agencies, corporates, research institutes and other NGOs. Larger community and authority involvement is vital to ensure a stronger empowerment can be made for the betterment and benefits of the whole harmonious communities in Merapoh. Find out more about the Malayan Rainforest Station here.


  • Free accommodation – you will live in the project house, sharing a room with at most 3 other people and have access to communal food shared with team members and volunteers.
  • Free food – You’ll get access to communal staff food at the MRS House where you’ll be expected to muck in and help cook. Plus treat yourself to some delicious local cuisine from around the village or when attending Malay dinners with our volunteers.
  • For international interns, visa cost will be borne by the intern. FE can help with the visa application process for a fee.
  • 1 day off per week, plus a block of 7 days off every 90 days.
  • Allowance of RM250 per month from the 7 months onwards if you are able to commit to a longer-term internship.
  • All work-related expenses (Unfortunately not including your travel to or from the project site the first time).
  • Written reference letter upon completion of the internship.

What we need from you

To apply for this role you’ll need to meet a few requirements and be committed and passionate to educating the Batek and local communities. Find out a bit more about the role itself by reading about the duties you’ll be completing throughout the internship.


  • Strong interest in teaching, experience desirable.
  • Enthusiastic and passionate to share knowledge with students.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Highly organised and the ability to work to a schedule.
  • Team player but also comfortable working independently.
  • Efficient time management skills and ability to work to deadlines.
  • Flexible and adaptable. Ability to use initiative.
  • IT competency.
  • Good level of Malay and English.
  • Love of the people, outdoors, and rainforest.
  • Driving license preferable (manual license desirable).
  • International interns are required to pay a deposit UKP100 to Fuze Ecoteer. Interns will receive the deposit money back when his/her internship contract intern term ends and work performance is satisfactory.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Conduct daily teaching sessions (Monday to Friday) for the Bateq kids, including basic maths, science and language (Malay & English), and weekly English tutorial session (on Sunday) with the local Malay kids Provide additional lessons for more advanced students.
  • Develop a syllabus and produce teaching materials and lesson plans accordingly, storing all materials for future use.
  • Continue to develop and expand the relationship with the Malay and Bateq, accompanying them on trips into the forest, or delivering activities other than teaching e.g. sports.
  • Work with the local government school to provide English lessons for the Malay students.
  • Develop, maintain and strengthen the good relationship with the local communities and stakeholders in Merapoh.
  • Develop, execute and monitor relevant community programmes with related to Environment, Sustainability and Conservation with collaboration with potential/relevant partners in Merapoh.
  • Collect photos and videos of activities for social media where appropriate and produce blogs about your experience when requested.
  • Help with fundraising initiatives for the project.
  • When required, assist the project manager and other interns with volunteer and research activities including trekking, camping, bushcraft, and caving.
  • Report to your supervisor and collaborate with other interns when necessary, maintaining open communication at all times.
  • Follow agreed on timetables to deliver work in a timely fashion.
  • Display a professional example to local community members, volunteers and colleagues.
  • Follow instructions as delivered by project managers when on site.
  • Ensure the project house is kept clean and tidy, assisting with daily chores on a rota basis.
  • Adherence to all safety measures, protocols, procedures and budgets as directed by MRS and Fuze Ecoteer.
  • Any other duties that may be required including; group events, cover for colleague’s leave and illness, providing adequate notice of travel arrangements (work-related or personal).

How To Apply

Please submit your CV, and Cover Letter to adventure@fuze-ecoteer.com.

For more information or if you have any further questions about the role please email adventure@fuze-ecoteer.com.

If that’s not enough to convince you, check out this video of the project. It’ll give you a pretty good idea about the project.

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