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Turtle adoption Programme

Join our turtle adoption programme to support the Perhentian Turtle Project‘s (PTP) great conservation work in the Perhentian Islands. PTP has built a database of 83 foraging and 184 nesting turtles (as of 2019) seen in the Perhentian Islands. Their great and diligent work has identified that the nesting and foraging turtles as independent populations i.e. none of the nesting mothers have been seen eating sea grass around the islands, and vice versa. 
This means that the Perhentian Islands are very important not just as a nesting ground but also foraging ground for migrating turtles that use the islands as a ‘stop over’ on their way back to their natal nesting beaches. Guess what? ‘Perhentian’ means ‘Stop over’ as well, named by the fishermen who used the islands as a resting area from the monsoon and long voyages at sea, JUST like our turtles. HOW COOL IS THAT?
Turtle adoption in the Perhentian islands

How to Adopt A Turtle

We have selected 6 of our most sighted and memorable turtles in our database for you to adopt. They represent a tiny percentage of the diversity of turtle personalities we’ve met but for now, they shall be our adoption ambassadors. Feel free to pick one (or more) of our ambassadors to begin your turtle adoption journey. All proceeds from this programme goes directly to continuing and expanding PTP’s in-water and nesting beach surveys.

Here are our ambassadors

aliesha turtle adoption Perhentian Islands

Polly, PG0002F

Polly has been sighted every year since 2015, including 2019! We have already spotted her several times this season, feeding at Teluk Pauh near Perhentian Besar. She was spotted 70 times last season, so hopefully she will visit regularly again this year! Polly actually has tags on her front flippers, suggesting that she has nested elsewhere. Due to the tag ID number, we believe she may have migrated to Vietnam to nest!

Molly turtle adoption perhentian islands

Molly, PG0032F

Molly is our most successful nesting mother green turtles, and she is the only turtle in our database to have nested on our main nesting beach, Tiga Ruang, more than once! She nested there for the first time in 2015, and again in 2018. In both cases she nested eight times in the season, which is fantastic! Molly actually has a deformed back flippers, which means that she sometimes needs assistance from us in digging the egg chamber for her nest. This makes her nesting successes even more impressive! There is usually a gap of a few years before a turtle will nest on the same beach again, so we wouldn’t expect Molly to nest at Tiga Ruang this season, but we look forward to welcoming her back in a few years!

koningin turtle adoption perhentian islands

koningin, PG0009F

Koningin is another of our female adult green turtles to have been sighted every year since 2015, including 46 times last season. Like many turtles here in the Perhentian Islands, she has a scar on her carapace from a boat strike. Luckily she recovered and is happy and healthy despite her injury. Koningin
actually means ‘Queen’ in Afrikaans, and she is certainly one of the majestic queens of the sea around here!

baby kev turtle adoption BEST

Baby Kev, PG0248U

Baby Kev is possibly our most popular juvenile turtle, and has already been spotted this season many times! Due to his young age, we can’t actually say what ‘his’ sex is for sure, but we love his name so Baby Kev is sticking for now! In previous seasons, Baby Kev has been particularly small, but this year he certainly look like he had grown somewhat! Due to his young age, Kev can be very skittish when we see him on snorkel surveys, making him difficult to photograph at times. This year he took our interns on a wild chase around the seagrass bed, but it is all part of his playful character and we love him for that!

bojin turtle adoption perhentian islands

Bojin, PG0026U

Bojin is one of the younger turtles on our database, and has been sighted every year since 2015, including 34 times last season. The sex and life stage of Bojin are actually unknown, as ‘she’ is too young for us to determine these factors with any confidence. ‘She’ therefore may not be a female! Only time will tell! Bojin is one of our most beautiful turtles, with very vibrant, dark colours on both her carapace and facial scales. This is partly due to her being so young, and not yet experiencing too much wear and tear! We hope to see Bojin again this season, as she is one of our favourite to photograph.

aliesha turtle adoption Perhentian Islands

Aliesha, PG0004F

Aliesha is another of our female green turtles who has been sighted every year since 2015, including 55 times last season. We suspect that Aliesha may be one of the oldest turtles on our database. The faded, dull nature of her carapace likely indicates lots of wear and tear over the years. Conversely, young turtles tend to have bright, unworn carapaces. Green turtles can live
up to around 80 years old. Could Aliesha be that old?! Who knows!

What's next

Spotted the turtle(s) you want? Awesome! The next step is to fill in the form to the right and we will send you a confirmation email detailing how to proceed with payment etc. Each turtle can be adopted for RM100 annually. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive another confirmation email of your payment and shipping of your adoption pack.

Your adoption pack will include:

  • An adoption certificate of your chosen turtle
  • Photographs of and information about your adopted turtle
  • A copy of our annual report and specific sightings report of your adopted turtle
  • Perhentian Turtle Project sticker
  • Information on the Perhentian Turtle Project
  • A ‘How to be a #penyuwarrior’ guide


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