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Aida Ghani Quilter MSPO Consultant Fuze Ecoteer team

Aida Quilter


Aida is our chairman and our main consultant for MSPO. Aida has several years experience working in sustainability in agro businesses. She has experience in social impact assessments and biodiversity surveys for MSPO. Additionally she can also complete HCV assessments for current developments and training’s.

Daniel Quilter Fuze Ecoteer Biodiversity Survey Consultant

Daniel Quilter


Daniel started Ecoteer in 2005 as a couch surfing for volunteers focused on eco lodges and ecotourism. After that in 2006 it expanded to conservation projects.  Daniel has lived in Malaysia for 15 years. He started the Perhentian projects in 2009 with Bubbles Dive Resort and Help Our Penyu. 

Pavin Damadram


Pavin started Fuze in 2011 when he designed and built the Bukit Kinding Eco Park. After that the park had the longest double zipline in Malaysia hence Kinding was famous for awesome unique adventure activities. Pavin is one of our main group leaders and he focuses on team bonding and ensuring everyone has a great time.

Azee Nasir Fuze Ecoteer HR

Azee Nasir

HR & Finance Manager

Azee has been with Fuze Ecoteer since 2015 starting as the Project Manager in Merapoh, then she became the Volunteer Liason Officer and now she is working as the HR and Finance Manager.  Education and helping social enterprises are her passions.

Naquiah Fadzil Perhentian Eco Education Senior Manager

Naquiah Fadzil

Perhentian Eco Education Project,
Senior Manager

Naquiah is our senior manager in Perhentian. She has always had a special connection to the Perhentian islands even from young.  Helping Perhentian is her life mission.

Liyana Salleh Volunteer Liaison Fuze ecoteer

Liyana Salleh

Volunteer Liaison Officer

One of the newest members of our team. Liyana is the one who sends you really nice and detailed emails.  She is a really nice person with social causes close to her heart.  Ask her any questions about volunteering or Malaysia in general and she will be happy to help.

Sofia Fuze Ecoteer school trip leaderps

Sharifah Sofia

Programme Coordinator

Sofia is one of our main leaders for groups. A trained english and drama teacher she will ensure the group have a fun but educational time. She is also our leading eco warrior and an avid zero waster.

Melisa Chan Perhentian Turtle Project Manager

Melisa Chan

Perhentian Turtle Project, Manager.

Mel is our current Penyu Warrior and manager of the Perhentian Turtle Project. She has been involved with us since 2010 when she volunteered when she was 16.  She then became an intern and finally came back to take the managers role. 


Hidayah Perhentian Marine Research Station Fuze Ecoteer

Hidayah Halid

Perhentian Marine
Research Station

Hidayah was our first Marine Scholar in 2019 and then become the manager of the Perhentian Marine Research Station. She is really passionate about saving the seas of Perhentian and keen on helping more people in ASEAN to get into conservation.

Izereen Mukri Malayan Rainforest Station

Izereen Mukri

MRS Conservation Project Manager

Izereen is the project Manager in Merapoh and chairman of the Malayan Rainforest Station.  He is very detailed and passionate about rainforest research esp on felines and avifauna.  He is very resourceful and leading MRS in a great way and promoting more scientific research in the area.

Elly Ruhayu Malayan Rainforest Station

Elly Ruhayu

MRS Community Project Manager

Elly has a joint role, she is the secretary for the Malayan Rainforest Station and also leads the social impact assessments for MSPO.  She is detailed and professional in all that she does.  She also knows alot about plastic recycling and really wants to help the communities in Merapoh.

If you would like to join our team please check out our vacancies page here – https://www.fuze-ecoteer.com/conservation-careers-asia/conservation-internships-malaysia/

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