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Fuze Ecoteer run volunteer conservation projects in Malaysia which are their own and they also supporting other NGOs. Fuze Ecoteer conservation projects focus on connecting people with nature, be they a local villager, volunteer, primary aged student to corporate employees.  The aim of Fuze Ecoteer is to connect these people with nature with the hope that they will then protect what they have come to love.

Below you can read more about the specific volunteer conservation projects in Malaysia and below that you can watch a video about the impact of these projects in 2019.

Conservation volunteer projects in Malaysia - camping with semi nomadic bateq ladies


Join marine conservation volunteer projects with Fuze Ecoteer in the Perhentian Islands.

Join our sea turtle volunteer conservation project in the Perhentian Islands and help protect turtles by night and snap photos of them by day.

Perhentian eco Education project

Join our Eco education volunteer project where you inspire the next generation and involve them in conservation actions such as kayak patrol.

Perhentian marine Research Station

Learn to scuba dive and then help with this Fuze Ecoteer Marine conservation volunteer project. Help restore corals and take photos of sharks and turtles for individual ID using their images.

Rainforest Conservation projects

Rainforest research and conservation volunteer project in Malaysia

Malayan Rainforest Station

Join the rainforest research team specialising in birds, herps and clouded leopard monitoring.

Rainforest Conservation volunteer project

As part of the Malayan Rainforest Station there is a volunteer conservation project where you can focus on rainforest illegal human encroachments and help out with the research when suitable.

Animal Care Volunteer Projects

Help care for wild animals who got caught in the illegal wildlife trade. Join as a volunteer on this animal care volunteer project in Indonesia.

Wildlife Rescue Centre

The Wildlife rescue centre cares for over 150 individual animals mostly whom have been involved in the illegal wildlife trade.

Animal care Volunteer Project

Help care for the animals by preparing their food, cleaning their cages and designing and making your own enrichment. You will also get involved with teaching the local school children and young adults english through environmental lessons.

Group Volunteering Projects

Fuze Ecoteer run group volunteering projects in Malaysia. Join us now!

Group Volunteer Projects

Tell us about the type of volunteering service your group would like to do. We will then make a bespoke group volunteering experience at one of our projects or a suitable NGO in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Biology & Geography Field trips

Your group can learn about marine, terrestrial and urban biology and geography with our skilled facilitators.

How do I know this is responsible volunteering?

Before you volunteer think, why am I volunteering? Is it to gain experience in a potential future career? Or you want to give back to the planet? or I just want a holiday that has a good impact on the earth?  It doesn’t matter which but first think why you want to join a volunteering project. Then think, what can I give back to the project? What are your skills ? Then think how is my money being spent and what is the impact? With these three questions in mind you can look for suitable programmes for you and then ask the right questions. What will I get out of this? What can I give back and how is more money being spent.  Ethical and responsible volunteering projects would be more than happy to answer these questions. For more on ethical and responsible volunteering please check this website out

Support our causes and buy some merchandise

You can support the Fuze Ecoteer projects and supported organisations by buying their merchandise.  A minimum of 60% of your fee goes directly towards the conservation cause linked to that product.  The other percentage is used for production costs.

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