Covid-19 updates

COVID 19 updates

In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we would like to share some important resources with you, to share with you information so that you can keep updated and alert in ensuring you and your loved ones’ safety.

Latest news and information:

Please remember to take care of yourself and your quarantine members. Practice social distancing, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, sanitize surfaces, stay hydrated, stay connected and keep calm. 

Take care of your mental health and each other. We will get through this together even if we have to be apart for now.

See you guys at our project sites soon.

All our love,

The Fuze Ecoteer team

Covid 19 updates by Fuze Ecoteer 

Fuze Ecoteer COVID-19 SOP for volunteers

Fuze Ecoteer will follow the COVID-19 SOP set by the Malaysian government for tour operators. The below requirements have been set by the State of Terengganu which is where our main projects are based on the Islands of the Perhentian Islands Marine Park.  We will follow this SOP for all programmes.  For groups we will follow similar requirements but with slight changes.

The full document can be downloaded below, but the key points are as follows.
Fuze Ecoteer COVID 19 Terengganu State SOP

a) All participants to register and have their temperature checked before taking any boat or transport
b) All participants and staff to wear masks whilst on land and to have their temperature recorded twice daily.
) Participants advised to bring their own equipment, if not, they can rent from Fuze Ecoteer but only they will be permitted to use the pieces of equipment rented during the duration of their stay.  Fuze Ecoteer will provide cleaning liquids for regular cleaning of equipment.
) Only people staying in the room will be permitted to enter the room, no bed sharing or extra mattresses to be allowed.
) Only limited interaction with the village community will be permitted, for example Malay Dinners will be hosted at the FE houses with the villagers cooking and bringing the meals to the FE house. Meals will not be eaten in the homes of villagers.
) If a staff member or participant is ill they will be sent to the local clinic and asked to self isolate.
) If a participant is ill before or upon arrival, they can change the dates free of charge and can delay the start until December 2021.   If a person is ill during the programme they can reclaim the fees for the programme not completed.


COVID-19 SOP for Groups

a) As the above plus
b) All participants to be given the COVID-19 SOP before departure for parental guardians to sign if the participants are under 18.
c) Any participant which has a temperature of 37.5C will not be allowed to travel.
d) Transport will be at half capacity and everyone including drivers must wear a mask throughout the whole duration.
e) Groups will work on preset bubbles/teams of participants. These bubbles will be used for activities, meal times and sleeping arrangements.  Meal times will be staggered if the group size is bigger than the eating venue with social distancing. For example the tables will be set to host bubbles of participants with social distancing of 1m and a significant space of more than 4m between bubbles. 
f) Interaction with subsidiary people will be limited when possible, for example meals will be distributed by facilitators and not the cooking staff.


We are closely monitoring the situation every day. We are committed to the safety of both our staff and volunteers. Our projects are going on as usual and we would be more than happy to have you join us. However, your arrival very much depends on the travel bans that is imposed by the Malaysian government and your country’s government. We work on every volunteers’ trip on a case-to-case basis. With every new information, we will reach out to each volunteer to advice them on the situation.

Although our conservation projects are still in operation as conservation never sleeps, we are following strict government instruction to stop all our eco-education/tourism programmes until further notice. We are fully committed to the safety of our participants and our staff and will not take any risks whatsoever. As soon as we receive new updates and information, we will be sure to keep you updated.

We suggest that you wait and see how the situation develops before making any decision.

There will be no extra fees for rescheduling your volunteering trip. Should you do decide to make changes to your booking, we hope it is to postpone and we are more than happy to arrange it for you. We need our volunteers now more than ever to support us in our conservation work. The Earth is healing itself during this pandemic and once the situation is better, it is our responsibility to aid Mother Nature to further promote her healing. We can do this together!

You itinerary will stay the same and would probably be better than ever after a long period of isolation. Being outdoors will be one of the best things anyone has taken for granted. Even though your programme would be set for a different date, you can expect to have our amazing staff, great activities and an amazing programme awaiting your arrival.

For refunds enquiries, please do reach out to us at We will advise according to every new information that we get in light of the situation.

There is no rest for conservation work as we have to push for it especially in times like this where it can be seen that the initial outbreak was caused by animal-to-person contact. Our projects are taking precautionary steps at the project sites as well. We have hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps to clean our hands and are sanitizing surfaces and our toilets daily. Body temperature and symptoms (if any) are monitored daily as well.

Thank you so much for thinking of us! Conservation work takes no break and Nature needs our help now more than ever since it is in the process of rapid healing while everyone is staying home. Let’s not let this process be halted once the Covid-19 situation is better!

You can support by making a donation for us to cover our operations cost in order for us to be able to continue our conservation work. Please do email us at and we will advise you how you can do so. Any amount helps! Or you can buy products in our shop  – Fuze Ecoteer Shop.

You can also support us by coming to volunteer with us once things are better. We need our volunteers more than ever!

COVID-19 Health best practices

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world to the core. It has put up a pause on everything that we considered our mandatory routines, thus, compelling us to reevaluate our lifestyles and habits. The disease that started with simple flu symptoms ended up claiming millions of lives all around the world just through human contact and those simple symptoms turned into Coronavirus cold or flu symptoms as termed at present and are fatal to every being. The novelty of coronavirus has left people wondering how we can stay safe from it. Therefore, the little research done about COVID-19 suggest some healthcare practices that are proving to be highly beneficial in hindering the rapid spread of the disease. Here are some best healthcare practices ta are doing the most to win the global battle against COVID-19.

Taking Protective Measures:

The safety measures enlisted by WHO to keep oneself safe from the deadly coronavirus require us to use many gears to improve our hygiene conditions and ensure our safety. For instance, using masks and sanitizers frequently to avoid inhaling or getting it transmitted through handshakes or touching the infected surfaces is the best way to protect oneself from being infected. The protective measures like these are making life somewhat easier and mobilized in
current times.

Safe Travelling/No Travelling:

However, if we look at the fact that coronavirus spread throughout the world because the carrier was unaware of the fact that he/she is infected and continued traveling without taking any precautions and made it a global disaster. This is one of the major reasons that we are witnessing extra healthcare practices and precautions such as screening the passenger, making them use sanitizers, etc. at the airports in particular.

Make sure to carry your hand sanitizer and use it frequently for your safety. Avoid touching your face and eyes and avoid eating food from some random place during your travel. Do some research about the medical facilities in the area you are heading to. In case you feel any symptoms of being infected by the coronavirus, seek medical help immediately.

Moreover, many countries have banned the flights which is good initiative and is helping to control the pandemic. Likewise, we must play our part and should avoid travelling at all and wait for the things to get back to their normal. Therefore, people must continue to travel by using protective gears even after the pandemic ends so that any unfortunate circumstances can be avoided.

Boosting Up Hygiene:

Boosting up personal hygiene and keeping your surroundings clean is known to be an effective way of keeping oneself safe from the coronavirus. There is no denying the fact that cleanliness keeps us all physically and mentally healthy. Moreover, when we are paying extra heed to keep our surroundings clean, we are more likely to live in harmony with nature, thus, making this planet a livable place for us humans and other wildlife around us. Therefore, the practice of boosting up the cleanliness level globally is changing our lives for good.

The Quarantine:

The global lock-down situation might sound like something horrific to all of us, but we cannot ignore the fact that this time has helped us, and nature heals simultaneously. It has proved to be beneficial for both our physical and mental health. We were so much occupied and immersed in the rat race that we didn’t realize that we were heading to a dead end and were distancing ourselves from everything around us.

All of a sudden when everything that we considered ‘essential’ has paused, we can take it as an opportunity to make our lifestyle healthier and better. For example, we are getting to spend a lot of time with our family that is strengthening our bond with them. The sense of love and togetherness is highly beneficial for mental health. All of sudden all the mental stress is off the limits now and we can enjoy the things in their entirety and true essence.

To Sum It Up:

Everything around us and we humans are changing and once this lock-down ends, this change is going to stay forever. We cannot deny the fact that the coronavirus outbreak has proved to be a wake-up call for us all which is making us realize that we need to reevaluate and redirect our lives and change them for good. Make sure to use the time to be a better you!

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