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Let us help you get started in your volunteer conservation adventure in Malaysia
and create an impact to the world the way you want to

Support our causes from home!

Support the Fuze Ecoteer causes by buying the items below and your purchase will go towards supporting the project related to that product. A minimum of 60% goes directly to the causes with the rest going towards production costs.

You can buy more traditional garments like t shirts but you can also buy items that directly reduce impacts on wildlife like our Precious Plastic turtle and shark necklaces which are made from plastics collected during clean ups and collected from restaurants and shops in the Perhentian Islands. What a cool little present these make and with a great cause as well, reducing plastic in the sea.

Additionally you may prefer to just show your support to various projects. You can make monthly or one off contributions to our causes and support all sorts of wildlife in Malaysia.

Find out more about our conservation projects here.
Find out more about Precious Plastic here

In Malaysia our international postal delivery service has temporarily ceased
. Deliveries will be late for orders from outside of Malaysia. 

Many thanks for your support.

Precious Plastic turtle necklace shop

Make money and support our cause - become a distributor

We are looking for people to become distributors across the world.  We are looking for people to help find bulk orders from shops, restaurants, zoo’s, cafes, aquariums, student unions and even at your schools and offices. The best is to work with places that will make regular say monthly orders.  Bulk orders are great as they reduce down the carbon footprint and postage costs associated with international postage and hopefully provide regular orders which means regular amounts of waste plastic being removed from Malaysia. Literally everyone is a winner!

Contact us if you want more info – Click here

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