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We have led school camps, university, field trips, company trips and corporate programmes that help to engage the participants and build and sustain the environment and wildlife.

School Trips

We run school trips and expeditions for students age 5-18 years old. Students will get to learn from experts, get hands-on experience and have a taste of marine and/or rainforest conservation work or wildlife rescue activities-it is up to you!

Our school trips always have an element of nature with a dash of adventure but safety is always our utmost priority. Whether it's a day trip or a week-long adventure, count on us to make it happen.

University Field trips

Fuze Ecoteer run university field trips and are a registered tour operator in Malaysia. Fuze Ecoteer has experience in environmental science topics, research and has collaborations with universities and researchers, making us unique in Malaysia. Students will get to understand the social setting and issues surrounding the subject matter which allows higher comprehension of the real world implications of the work/research. Make the most out of your trip with us.

Company trips

We are a huge advocate of working within one's community and always promote productive interaction. Strengthen communication, promote creativity and improve team morale with our programmes. Be it a team of 10 or 500, team-building event, in-office workshop, company trip or year long corporate volunteering programme, we have the experience to handle your event. Additionally we also run family days and CSR educational camps for corporates.

Safety on School trips, Company Trips and University field trips

Safety is of utmost importance to Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures.  You can believe us when we say the last thing we want is someone getting hurt when we are aim to inspire to connect people with nature.  Safety starts with precautions and managing risks before they happen.  Fuze Ecoteer works with some of the largest student travel organisations such as World Challenge, Outlook Expeditions and global brands like American Express, Baskin Robbins and Points of Light.  We work hard to ensure we pass the risk assessments of all these organisations to ensure we have reduced risks as much as possible without reducing impact.  We provide risk assessments to all our clients and host site visits as well.  You can download our risk assessments online. please feel to ask. 

If an accident does happen the Fuze Ecoteer team will have a few allocated qualified first aid staff members and also back up emergency vehicles to evacuate any casualties.  As part of our due diligence. You can find our COVID SOP here.

Fuze Ecoteer engages students and corporate work mates through meaningful actions during school trips, company trips and university field trips. We run programmes with our own projects but also we work with numerous NGO’s and social causes all around Malaysia.  These programmes are unique and really engage students and colleagues like no other trip. See here for more benefits of volunteering programmes.  Fuze Ecoteer has also run focused trips such as Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Adventurous Journey‘s, service trips for Lion and Rotary clubs and fundraising challenges such as multi day cycling events.  If you want meaningful adventure then thats what Fuze Ecoteer does!

Watch our video below to see what we mean and then if you are keen to explore more click on the correct type of group button. 

School trips in Malaysia with Fuze Ecoteer
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