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Start your conservation career with Fuze Ecoteer with a conservation internship in Malaysia

Are you looking for a conservation internships in Malaysia?  If yes, then you have found the place!  Fuze Ecoteer offers conservation internship opportunities at their own and selected NGO’s.  You can join one of our conservation internships at our projects helping with turtle conservation, marine conservation or rainforest research.  You may also join them with our eco education and community projects.  If you are a budding marketeer then you can join the HQ team and help with marketing the projects.

Read below for the details of conservation internships and below again for some tips on starting a career in conservation.

Marine Conservation Scholarship

In collaboration with the East-West Centre, The Perhentian Marine Research Station would like to promote the Marine Conservation Scholarship.  This is a junior management role and perfect for top marine conservation students who want to lead a career in marine conservation at a management level.

Find out more now Click the orange link – Marine Conservation Scholarship, APPLICATIONS CLOSED FOR 2021

East West Centre Perhentian Islands Malaysia

Marketing and Events


Precious Plastic Merchandise and sales Internship-Starts Dec 2020

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Fundraising and Events Internship-Starts Dec 2020
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Social Media Internship-Starts March 2021
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Teaching and Environmental Education

Perhentian Eco Education Teacher Internship – Starts June 2021 onwards
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Marine Conservation

Perhentian Turtle Project Volunteer Co-ordinator-Starts March 2021 – Malaysian ONLY
CLOSED – Click Here For More Info 

Perhentian Turtle Project Data Co-ordinator Internship-Starts March 2021 – Malaysian ONLY
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PMRS Waste Management Internship – Starts June 2021 onwards
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PMRS Dive & Volunteer Co-ordintator-Starts June 2021 onwards
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Tourism And Community Engagement

Perhentian Ecotourism Leader Internship – Starts June 2021onwards
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Perhentian Community Liaison Internship – Starts June 2021 onwards
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Outdoor Adventure Facilitator – Starts July 2021
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Application Information

Application Process

To apply, please email a cover letter expressing your interest in a position and a copy of your CV to Please ensure you state which position you are applying for in your application.

For intern applications, please let us know when you can start and for how long. We require a minimum commitment of  3 months (for Malaysian applicants) but prefer 6-12 months (especially for international applicants) with additional benefits for those willing to commit to longer placements.

For more information, email


Apart from making new friends and learning valuable skills, whilst enjoying the local culture and hospitality, there are some additional perks.

For instance, if you stay for 7 or more months, you will receive an allowance of RM250 per month from your 7th month onwards.


If you want any advice on taking a conservation internship take a look at this page.

Conservation Career Advice

If you want a career in conservation then you are joining a competitive but very enjoyable and meaningful industry.  One of the best tips we can give you is to take a conservation internship, but take an internship for a minimum of 6 months, Fuze Ecoteer have employed many of their ex volunteers and interns in full time paid positions.  

The key to your internship is not only to learn skills but also to network. Networking and showing to your employer that you are passionate, hard working and able to work in a team are vital.  You want to put yourself in the mind of the management.  The reason is because when a full time position becomes available you want to be one of the first people they think about.  Plus the conservation world is very small and to get a recommendation from a fellow conservation leader is very important.

Secondly, I would recommend gaining a skill which is rare but useful.  Things like videography, photography and even think out of the box, skills and qualifications in risk assessments, sales and safety training are all very useful skills that conservation projects normally pay consultants or external trainers for.  If you can provide these skills at a lower cost you can move easily between projects.

Below is a video from Daniel Quilter one of the Fuze Ecoteer founders talking about his career in conservation.

Conservation Skills Videos

Fuze Ecoteer has developed a series of skill videos to help you to hone your conservation project skills. The series is on the Ecoteer youtube channel, go there now to find out more about what skills you can learn to help your conservation career, follow the links below. 

Rainforest conservation career skill lessons

Marine conservation career skill lessons?

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