Perhentian Turtle Data
Co-ordinator Internship

If you love stats and data and also want to help sea turtles then this is for you.


Location: Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
Category: Perhentian Turtle Project 
Job Type: Internship – MALAYSIAN ONLY
Contract Length: 4-months (starting March or July) and 8-months (starting March) periods available between March and October
Application Closing Date: ASAP
Start Date:  Early March or July

Love turtles and Stats?  Want to start a career in marine conservation? Join the Perhentian Turtle Project team on this Turtle Conservation Internship as a Data Coordinator where you’ll pick up vital field skills, collect data on a daily basis and patrol nesting beaches at night. Plus develop your people management skills as you will be working with small groups of volunteers who you’ll educate about turtles and marine conservation each week.  Your efforts will help create papers like Photographic Identification to monitor sea turtle populations at Perhentian Islands Marine Park, Malaysia.

During the Perhentian Turtle Data Co-Ordinator Internship, you will help collect and analyze foraging, nesting, and hatchery data on a daily basis in addition to ensuring the data are complete and organized at all times. Consequently, you will pick up vital field skills via kayaking, free-diving, photographing sea turtles underwater and on a nesting beach, nightly beach patrols and hatchery management. Being an Data Coordinator will also require you to interact regularly with volunteers by introducing them to and leading them on our data collection activities.


What we need from you during the Perhentian Turtle Data Co-Ordinator Internship

To apply for the Perhentian Turtle Data Co-Ordinator Internship you’ll need to meet a few requirements and be committed to ensure our volunteers have a fantastic experience. You can also find out a bit more about the role itself by reading about the duties you’ll be completing throughout the internship.


  • Must have an interest and passion for sea turtle and marine conservation.
  • Must have a strong interest and experience in outdoor activities, especially water-related activities
  • Must possess strong observational skills, high acuity and attention to detail in particular regards to research training, data collection, data input and research monitoring
  • Must have a strong interest in data collection, management, and analysis
  • Must be proactive and organized in completing tasks
  • Must be able to work (awake, alert, and active) night shifts and in tough conditions
  • Must be open-minded, willing, and determined to try and learn new things, skills,  languages, and cultures
  • Must be flexible and quick to adapt to new surroundings – especially humid tropical climates and changes in sleep schedules –  and sudden changes in project schedules
  • Must be comfortable communicating in English on a regular basis
  • Must be able to swim and tread water
  • Experience in public outreach and engagement preferred
  • Knowledge of marine conservation in Malaysia and the work of Ecoteer preferred
  • High level of water safety awareness preferred
  • Ability to free dive preferred; training can be provided upon arrival
  • Must be a team player but able to work individually when necessary
  • Strong leadership skills preferred
  • Must have a strong sense of responsibility and discipline
  • Must possess efficient time management to meet set deadlines
  • Must be competent in Windows OS and Microsoft Office
  • Skills in R, Python, and/or GIS preferred
  • Experience writing scientific reports preferred
  • First Aid training desirable but basic training can be provided upon arrival.
  • International interns are required to pay a deposit UKP100 to Fuze Ecoteer. Interns will receive the deposit money back when his/her internship contract intern term ends and work performance is satisfactory.

Key duties and responsibilities of turtle conservation internship

  • Conduct 1.5-2 hour kayak surveys at least twice a week to survey for and collect facial photographs of foraging sea turtles
  • Assist the local Department of Fisheries (DOF) rangers to:
    • Patrol a 400m nesting beach in every hour in 4-hour shifts between 10.30pm and 7.15am for nesting turtles and poaching activity
    • Collect biometrics and facial photographs of nesting sea turtles
    • Collect and relocate eggs from nesting sea turtles into the hatchery
    • Collect hatchery data
    • Release hatchlings
  • Log all surveys (kayak and beach) and transfer all data collected into the project laptop for data analysis (i.e. photo-ID)
  • Continual monitoring of data for quality and accuracy. Retraining to be provided if required
  • Complete projects, as producing informative displays, and monthly research impact reports to share with stakeholders
  • Introduce, brief and lead volunteers on surveys and data analysis sessions
  • Maintain relationship with local DOF rangers through regular interactions
  • Ensure all safety precautions are taken whilst in the water and make sure all volunteers are accounted for during water-based activities
  • Identify and implement ideas for additional research, sharing data and promoting sustainable practices
  • Ensure the project house is kept clean & tidy with the help of our volunteers through daily chores on a rota basis
  • Follow agreed timetables to deliver work in a timely fashion
  • Be a professional example of a leader and marine conservationist to local community members, volunteers and team members
  • Adherence to all safety measures, protocols, procedures and budgets as directed by Fuze Ecoteer
  • Any other duties that may be required including helping with group events, cover for team member’s leave and illness, shop for project supplies (e.g. food and cleaning supplies), and participate in local/island events

How To Apply

Please submit your CV, and Cover Letter to For more information or if you have any further questions about the role please email

If that’s not enough to convince you, check out this video of the project. It’ll give you a pretty good idea about where you’ll be staying and what you’ll be up to.

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