Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you are interested in! We have different projects working on different causes. You can also email us at and our Volunteer Liaison Officer will help you in making a decision.

Do fill in our contact form which you can find under the “Contact” tab above and our team member will contact you. Let us know as much information as you can about your planned programme so we can advise you accordingly.

For volunteers, the programme costs cover your accommodation, food, activities and transport within the project. It also includes the Marine Park fee and/or permit from the Forestry Department.

For school groups and corporate groups, what is included depends on your budget and is bespoke for each group.

For volunteers, airfares, visa, insurance and transport to and from the project site are not included.

For school groups and corporate groups, what is NOT included is bespoke for each group.

Yes, there will be free time sessions each day for volunteers and participants to allow yourself to rest and your group to bond and play self-directed games. We recommend bringing books, games or cards to fill this time. You can also use this time to go to the shops to buy any snacks or things you may need throughout the trip.

Women will need to cover from their shoulders to below their knees in the villages, at the project sites, Volunteer House and going to religious buildings in Kuala Lumpur. This includes when swimming.

This is more relaxed for men. However, shorts should be knee-length. You will be given with a complete kit list and once in-country your FE team leaders will brief you about the cultural etiquette.

If you have any dietary preference or restrictions, please let us know. We are able to cater to your needs.

Water from the taps shouldn’t be drunk (can use for teeth cleaning, face washing etc) unless there is a water filter attached. We will provide access to drinking water. Please ensure you bring a re-useable bottle as we try to reduce our use of single-use plastic.

We will tell you if there is anything specific to bring but we usually have our own equipment at our projects e.g. snorkels. If you would prefer to bring your own please do.

For Volunteers, you will be given a Volunteer Guide for you to read which contains all that you need to know to prepare you for your volunteering adventure.

For groups, a participants will be given a packing list of what to bring. If you don’t receive one please contact us.

Accommodation is slightly different for each location. We generally provide dormitories or rooms with 4 to 6 beds. However, we can provide higher-end hotels and/or camping.

There are western toilets as well as squat toilets. Toilet paper is not sold so please bring your own should you wish. We discourage you to use toilet paper – do think of the environment! There is water for you to clean yourself.

At each location, there are laundry facilities but these are at an extra cost.

For volunteers, we have a washing machine at our Project Houses.

For groups, your team leader will brief you on this during the welcome briefing when you arrive at a new location(s).

There is Wifi at the Project House. Volunteers are free to use it. It is advisable for your to purchase a local sim card upon arrival and use a smart device to keep in contact with the team and for emergencies.

For groups, it is advisable for your team leaders to purchase a local sim card upon arrival and use a smart device to keep in contact with the parents.

Most projects require medium to a high level of fitness. Volunteers should always seek for medical advice should they be wary of their physical conditions.

As for school groups and corporate groups, the programmes would be tailored to your needs and therefore, the level of fitness needed would be up to you.

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