Connecting people with Nature

What we do

Fuze Ecoteer is an Accredited Social Enterprise that focuses on conservation and community projects. We aim to Connect People with Nature. We have 3 conservation projects on the Perhentian Islands. The projects focus on sea turtle conservation, marine research and waste management and eco-education. We also support 2 other organizations in Malaysia and Indonesia. They are the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Java and the Malayan Rainforest Station in Merapoh

Please download our Annual Report for 2020.
2020 – FE Annual Report

How you can support us

We invite you to support these projects via volunteering with us. You can choose to volunteer at any one of our projects according to your interest. Volunteers will get to share ideas with the team and aid the team in their work. You can also start your own mini projects and experience the islanders’ way of life.

Moreover, you can organise a school trip with us to one of the projects.  Additionally, we offer university field trips to our project sites as well. These trips are filled with adventure and eco-education for the students. Furthermore, the programmes can be tailored to specific subjects or requirements to suit the students’ needs. Apart from that, we also organize corporate programmes such as team-building activities and corporate social responsibility programmes. Therefore, why not bring your company for our corporate volunteering programme?

Not only that, we work all over Malaysia. Even if you conduct a beach clean in Port Dickson, you are still supporting our conservation projects in the Perhentian!

What else can you do

You can also support our projects by buying our merchandises. You can visit our online shop today. Get yourself a T-shirt or a Precious Plastic necklace for you and your loved ones! Know that you have contributed to marine conservation efforts when you do so.

We also aim to provide you with information on sustainable travelling practices. Visit our blog for more information on this. You can learn how to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only that, you will also learn how to travel more responsibly. Last but not least, you can also get great travelling tips for the South East Asia region.

Perhentian eco education Project PEEP Full Logo

Perhentian Eco Education Project

We aim to educate the local community on sustainable living on the islands. We work closely with the island children. They are involved in our marine conservation projects and research through our Eco Club activities.

Perhentian Turtle Project Logo

Perhentian Turtle Project

We protect the sea turtles of the Perhentian Islands. We do so by nest protection and facial photo ID. Moreover, we run a turtle citizen science project. We are also the turtle hotline for any sightings and incidents involving turtles on the islands.

Perhentian Marine Research Station Full Logo

Perhentian Marine Research Station

We study the marine ecosystems in the Perhentian Islands. This project also campaigns for their protection by involving the dive community. In addition, the project also studies the waste management system on the island.

WRC logo -animal conservation project

Wildlife Rescue Centre

The Centre rescues and rehabilitates wildlife caught in the illegal wildlife trade. The Centre also houses some rescued wildlife that cannot be released back into the wild. It also works to educate the local community on wildlife conservation.

FE Logo Flower - Conservation projects in Malaysia

Connecting People with nature

We are experienced in conducting school, university and corporate programmes. We focus on activities in relation to nature volunteering. Let us connect you with nature!

malayan rainforest station conservation project logo colour

Malayan Rainforest Station

The organization conducts research on various subject matter in the rainforest of Merapoh. It also aims to educate the local communities on rainforest research and conservation. This is done to empower and increase awareness among the communities

Sustainable tourism

Sustainability is not an end goal but a journey.  To help us manage our sustainability journey, we have engaged with Travelife to achieve our goal.  Travelife is the global leader and trusted certification in the sustainable tourism industry. We are currently in the process to comply with its international sustainability standards.

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents:
(1) Travelife Engaged;
(2) Travelife Partner; and 
(3) Travelife Certified.

Currently, we are at stage 1 – Travelife Engaged. We are working to move forward to stage 2 ie becoming a Travelife Partner.


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