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We set up the Perhentian Turtle Project in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.  Humans are not the only species that regard the Perhentian Islands as a paradise. Long before we discovered the palm-fringed beaches and crystal sea off the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia, green and hawksbill sea turtles have been using them as a nesting and foraging site. We want a sustainable Perhentian Islands and safe nesting sites for the turtles. That’s where you come in as a turtle conservation volunteer!

Join us on a turtle conservation volunteer experience of snorkel tours, kayak surveys, photo-ID data collection, nocturnal surveys, beach clean-ups and awareness talks. You’ll be based on both of Perhentian’s main islands, in between our project house in the small island’s Kampung Pasir Hantu (Fisherman’s Village) and the big island’s Tiga Ruang (Turtle Beach) which holds our hatchery. Being a conservation volunteer is hard work and the Perhentian Turtle Project is no exception. But in such a special location, it doesn’t seem like such a burden.

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Turtle volunteer conservation project in Perhentian Malaysia

Impact Stats in 2019


To conserve the sea turtle population of the Perhentian Island Marine Parks by monitoring them via photo ID and increasing awareness as well as engagement among the Perhentian Community


  • To estimate the Perhentian sea turtle population size and dynamics
  • To identify the Perhentian sea turtle habitat use and connectivity
  • To respond to and determine causes of Perhentian sea turtle strandings
  • To create and raise awareness about sea turtles and marine conservation among the Perhentian Community (i.e. local community, stakeholders, tourists, and government)


If you want a career in marine research or conservation then an internship would be suitable for you. Especially turtle lovers but all marine lovers are welcome


If you want to physically play a part in the conservation of green sea turtles then there is no need to look any further. The Perhentian Islands are paradise islands under and above the water. If you join us then you will help both nesting and foraging turtles as well as help with creating more awareness among the tourists visiting the islands.

Buy Our merchandise

If you want to support the cause but unable to join physically then the best way to support our cause is to buy merchandise where 51% of the fee goes to the project.

Find out more detailed information about PTP below

Photo ID turtle conservation research perhentian malaysia
Perhentian Eco Education Internship in Malaysia

Outreach and Awareness

Turtle Talks


Citizen Science


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