Fuze Ecoteer offers consultancy in MSPO audits, biodiversity surveys,
social impact assessments, ecotourism and even adventure park design and building.

Fuze Ecoteer and partners have skills and years of experience in many consultancy areas including MSPO audits and social impact assessments, biodiversity surveys, online marketing and adventure park design and builds.  For example, FE has an HCV trained assessor and internationally registered high rope and zipline builder in our network. 

MSPO Biodiversity survey Malaysia Fuze Ecoteer

Biodiversity Surveys and Social Impact Assessment

Fuze Ecoteer provides consultation services for agri-businesses on how to improve their sustainability. Members of the FE team have been trained to conduct High Conservation Value (HCV) for existing sites and can provide basic training and awareness for staff not for assessors.

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)

Fuze Ecoteer members are able to conduct biodiversity and social impact assessments as a preliminary requirement and reassessment for MSPO certifications. FE also assists agri-businesses to establish their biodiversity/wildlife management plans and provide advice on monitoring mechanisms to manage human-wildlife conflicts.

Adventure park consultants design build and operate

Adventure Park Designs

Members of the Fuze Ecoteer team are qualified to provide designs and construction services for adventure parks. Examples of past constructions are Belum Adventure Camp, Laketown Bukit Merah, Bukit Kinding Adventure Park (Longest double zipline in Malaysia) and Colmar Tropicale Adventure Park (Longest zipline in SE Asia).

Seo and online marketing services

SEO, branding and online marketing services

The Fuze Ecoteer team have a depth of knowledge in marketing and sales in the conservation, tourism and education field.  They offer internet SEO services as well as branding and design.  Fuze Ecoteer can help your NGO or tourism business.  Through careful SEO, social media and online marketing we can propel your cause and programmes to the front of the queue. 

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