Marine Conservation
Social Media and communications Internship Perhentian ISland

Do you want to start a career in social media with a focus on marine conservation ? 
If so this is the perfect internship for you.

Location: Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
Category: Perhentian Social Media
Job Type: Internship
Contract Length: 4-9 months
Start Date:  July to October 2024.  You can apply to stay from March to October if you wish

Love taking photos and making videos? Love doing this on tropical paradise islands? Want to help promote marine conservation awareness via various channels ? If you say yes to those three questions we want to hear from you about our Marine Conservation Social Media Internship.  


The Communication & Social Media Coordinator, you will be based with Perhentian Marine Research Station (PMRS) and work alongside all FE projects. You will be assigned to manage the communication of the station such information exchange, stakeholder engagement and social media activities. The teams are equally passionate about conservation, helping them to raise awareness and promoting their amazing programmes.

What we need from you for the Conservation Social Media and Communications internship

To apply for this role you’ll need to meet a few requirements and be committed to ensure we promote conservation awareness online. You can also find out a bit more about the role itself by reading about the duties you’ll be completing throughout the internship. 

Key Duties

  • The main aspect of communication is the information exchange with our stakeholder and the engagement with public audience while promoting the marine conservation efforts in Perhentian Islands.
  • Responsible to coordinate the communication of the projects ie; station email, public inquiry and stakeholder engagement.
  • Managing social media content & project websites; include weekly regular posting, taking videos and photos not just for social media but also for general sales and marketing needs.
  • Assisting to develop the conservation strategies for effective communication and knowledge sharing in conservation field. 
  • Working with FE social media team for general promotion of activities in Perhentian Islands.
  • Report to the Station Manager on regular basis, also work closely with the other FE Perhentian projects.

General points to note

  • All photos and footage whilst taken must be shared with Fuze Ecoteer as co-owners with yourself. 
  • Ensure a good level of communication between yourself and the Station Leader/Station Manager at all times.
  • Provide adequate notice of any travel needed whether work-related or personal.


  • Strong interest in marine conservation and marine environment as a whole.
  • Strong interest in conservation and have a marketing background.
  • Familiarity with marketing computer software and social media platforms.
  • Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have a passion for online marketing.
  • Must display a professional example to villagers, volunteers and colleagues at all times.
  • Must adhere to all safety measures, protocols and procedures as directed by Fuze Ecoteer.


  • Strong interest in marine conservation and marine environment as a whole.
  • Free accommodation – you will live in the project house, sharing a room with at most 3 other people and have access to communal food shared with team members and volunteers.
  • Free food – You’ll get access to communal staff food at the PMRS Project House where you’ll be expected to muck in and help cook. Plus treat yourself to some delicious local cuisine from around the village or when attending Malay dinners with our volunteers
  • Free Wifi at our project site
  • 1 day off per week, plus a block of 7 days off every 90 days during project season (March to Oct). Hop on a water taxi and snorkel amongst some impressive marine life, or head further afield. You might as well see some of the fantastic sights Malaysia has while you’re here
  • Allowance of RM250 per month from the 7 months onwards if you are able to commit to a longer-term internship
  • All work-related expenses (unfortunately this excludes travel to or from Perhentian Island or Malaysia)
  • For international interns, visa cost will be borne by the intern. FE can help with the visa application process for a fee

How To Apply

Please submit your CV, and Cover Letter to and please include the title of the role you are applying for.

For more information or if you have any further questions about the role please email

If that’s not enough to convince you, check out this video of past marketing and social media interns. It’ll give you a pretty good idea about where you’ll be staying and what you’ll be up to.

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