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DofE Adventurous Journey

FE is one of only a few of Adventurous Journey providers in Malaysia for the DofE Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

School trips in Malaysia with Fuze Ecoteer

DofE Adventurous Journey

What is the adventurous journey?

Are you a teacher and unsure how to do the adventurous journey element of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award?  In a new country and don’t know the dangers that lurch.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Read more and we will explain more to you and how to do it in Malaysia. 

The Adventurous Journey is a 2 day 1 night trip with a purpose, the students can travel by any means but it has to be by their own steam but normally its completed on foot. In the UK the students are allocated into small groups, given a map and some food and told to navigate from Point A to Point B.  However in Malaysia the terrain is a slightly different with more wildlife dangers and a higher chance of getting lost in the dense tropical rainforest. 

First you need to teach the students basic skills like map reading, compass reading, GPS reading, Cooking and even team work skills.  This can be completed over a year or over a day or 2 before the adventurous journey starts.  During the journey the students need to be accompanied by a train facilitator who knows the local area.  The students can then design their route with the facilitators over looking.   The facilitator has to step back unless safety is an issue then they can advise the students.  When travelling the facilitator can watch and advise if going off the path.  

Additionally, the students can part take in conservation works and research as part of their adventurous journey.

If you want advice or help with the adventurous journey for the Bronze award or even the silver or gold awards, then contact us.

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