Join the Perhentian Marine Research Station with their marine resource management team.
Inspire the local operators to partake in our bin adoption and jumbo bag initiatives.

Location: Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

Category: Conservation

Job Type: Internship

Contract Length: 4-9 Months

Start Date:  March to June and July to October 2023.  You can apply to stay from March to October if you wish.

Waste management internship - Precious plastic reycling machine in Perhentian Islands

Plastic is not fantastic. Neither are littered beaches or oceans. Use your creativity and initiative to expand our pioneering ‘Plastic Free Perhentian’ programme for the Perhentian Marine Research Station. Want to make a difference?  Then join this Waste Management Internship and Influence and persuade the local community and tourists alike to dispose of waste responsibly, and act more sustainably.

The Project

The aim of the research station is to monitor the marine ecosystems and assess population dynamics and movements of specific fauna living in the Perhentian Islands Marine Park.  The results of the studies will be given to decision-makers to help them effectively manage the Marine Park. Specific areas PMRS looks into are seagrass, coral rehabilitation, sharks and turtles.  The project is funded by voluntourism and school and corporate groups.

The Role

In the Marine Resource Co-ordinator Internship, you will work on the ‘Plastic Free Perhentian’ programme for the Perhentian Marine Research Station. Influence and persuade the local community and tourists alike to dispose of waste responsibly, and act more sustainably.  This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to get involved in conservation, whilst seeing first hand the impact that can be had on communities and their natural environment.


  • Free accommodation – you will live in the project house, sharing a room with at most 3 other people and have access to communal food shared with team members and volunteers.
  • Free food – You’ll get access to communal staff food at the PMRS House where you’ll be expected to muck in and help cook. Plus treat yourself to some delicious local cuisine from around the village or when attending Malay dinners with our volunteers. 
  • Free Wifi at our project sites.
  • 1 day off per week, plus a block of 7 days off every 90 days during project season (March to Oct). Hop on a water taxi and snorkel amongst some impressive marine life, or head further afield. You might as well see some of the fantastic sights Malaysia has while you’re here.
  • Allowance of RM250 per month from the 7 months onwards if you are able to commit to a longer-term internship.
  • All work-related expenses (Does not include your travel to or from Perhentian Island or Malaysia)
  • Written reference letter upon completion of the internship.

What we need from you

To apply for this role you’ll need to meet a few requirements and most importantly be willing and committed to get stuck in. You can also find out a bit more about the role itself by reading about the duties you’ll be completing throughout the internship.


  • Highly organised and able to work to a schedule.
  • At least an Open Water diver certification is preferred.
  • Experience in data collection and research methods.
  • Team player but also comfortable working independently.
  • Efficient time management skills and able to meet deadlines.
  • Good attention to detail, particularly with regards to data collection, input and research monitoring.
  • Great communicator and confident public speaker.
  • Interest in conservation and existing recycling or plastic-free initiatives.
  • Flexible and adaptable to various environment and culture.
  • IT competency.
  • International interns are required to pay a deposit UKP100 to Fuze Ecoteer. Interns will receive the deposit money back when his/her internship contract intern term ends and work performance is satisfactory.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Organise and undertake regular beach cleans, working with local businesses and all Fuze Ecoteer projects in the Perhentians
  • Visit resorts and dive centres to encourage to recycle, provide ashtrays, offer eco-friendly alternatives and places to refill water bottles. Support them in implementing these processes and providing training
  • Expand the ‘Plastic Free Perhentian’ project and investigate other waste/recycling initiatives and implement where possible
  • Maintain contact with the rubbish collection company to ensure staff still find recyclable materials and sell on the mainland
  • Produce detailed project reports  and regular project updates
  • Experience in data collection and research methods.
  • Good attention to detail, particularly with regards to data collection, input and research monitoring
  • Knowledge of the current work of the Perhentian Marine Research Station and marine conservation in Malaysia
  • Excellent communicator and confident public speaker
  • IT competency and basic experience in graphic design
  • Complete daily house tasks with other staff and volunteers on a rota basis including cooking and cleaning
  • Report to your supervisor, maintaining open communication at all times
  • Follow agreed timetables to deliver work in a timely fashion
  • Display a professional example to local community members, volunteers and colleagues
  • Adherence to all safety measures, protocols, procedures and budgets as directed by Fuze Ecoteer
  • Any other duties that may be required as delegated by your supervisor including; cover for colleague’s leave and illness, providing adequate notice of travel arrangements (work-related or personal)

How To Apply

Please submit your CV, and Cover Letter to

For more information or if you have any further questions about the role please email

If that’s not enough to convince you, check out this video of the project. It’ll give you a pretty good idea about where you’ll be staying and what you’ll be up to.

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