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Below you can find the latest conservation internships in Asia.  An internship is a great place to start if you wish to develop a career in conservation, and we strongly urge you to complete one before applying to full-time roles.

There are many paths you may have taken to get here. Perhaps you are considering a career change or break, perhaps you are a graduate with a passion for nature and wildlife, or perhaps you simply want to connect with nature more, simultaneously exploring other career paths. However you got here, a conservation internship is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone.

For more information on the benefits of conservation internships, along with the current vacancies at Fuze Ecoteer and additional advice, check out our Internship 

Conservation Internships in asia

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Other internships in Malaysia

Turtle  Conservation Society Of Malaysia

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) is a turtle conservation non-profit organisation based in Terengganu, Malaysia. Our activities range from multidisciplinary research projects to collaborations with the local womenfolk to produce marketable batik-themed products. Our work-type and work-load vary throughout the year, from camping out at the riverbank and micro-chipping terrapins, to measuring newly-emerged terrapin hatchlings, to conducting Turtle Camps with students to taking guests on Turtle Discovery Trips to managing our social media sites to writing grant proposals and press releases.


Internship application:

We accept Malaysian internship applications with a minimum stay of one month, which we believe, benefits both the intern and TCS.

Why a Conservation Internship?

Not only do conservation internships provide you with invaluable work experience, but they also help to build your professional network, something which is key in the conservation industry. What is more, they expose you to the realities and daily life of the conservation world. You’ll see the different avenues you could explore to further your conservation career and best help the nature that is important to you.

Fuze Ecoteer strongly believes in conservation internships as a method of nurturing the next generation of conservationists. The biggest reason for this is the length of time you can spend working within a conservation project. I, the writer of this spiel, did an internship at Fuze Ecoteer and the knowledge I gained from the experience was incredibly helpful for me and my career direction.


Conservation Internships vs Conservation Volunteering

With a short volunteering scheme (1-2 weeks), both the impact you can have on a conservation project and the impact the project can have on you is always going to be limited. Conservation project leaders will always say that the longer an individual is at a project site with them, the more they can trust the individual and accordingly, the more responsibility they can give them. It is this responsibility that allows you to get the most out of a conservation experience.

The shorter volunteer programmes are really designed for the “travel with a cause” initiative, for people who want to spend a couple of weeks helping nature and experiencing something different to their normal routine. For those who are more seriously dedicated to the cause, and are perhaps considering a career in conservation, it is only an internship that can provide you with the tools necessary to make the step towards a full-time conservation job.

For more information on internships and how to start your conservation journey, check out our Internship page which lists all the current internship opportunities available at Fuze Ecoteer. For other conservation jobs in Asia, click on the relevant link below.

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