School Stationery Supplier

School stationery supplier using upcycled materials

Fuze Ecoteer is a school stationery supplier suitable for all school, university, and office needs.

Fuze Ecoteer makes its stationery supplies from wastes either collected from the ocean or rivers of Malaysia. At present, the supplies are made from plastic waste but in future, the range of products will increase and the materials will also increase including aluminium and different types of plastics.  However, one thing that will always continue is that the school stationery will be made from materials that other people consider are wastes.

Currently, the majority of our products are from river plastics and made using a precious plastic recycling machine.  Precious Plastic is a global movement of small scale recycling machines that has enabled the everyday person to be able to recycle plastics in their own home.  The machines shred, heat and then inject the plastics into a mould.

To find out more about Precious Plastic please visit their website here.

Fuze Ecoteer also offer school educational programmes where the students can learn about our conservation efforts as well as join team building and adventure programmes. We have virtual field trips and in-school sessions as well as multiday field trips.

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