Support our Shark Research

When you buy one of our awesome shark merchandise you are helping to financially support our work.  At least 60% of the fees go towards our shark research efforts.  We are starting a shark photo ID database in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.  We are focusing on blacktip reef sharks and bamboo nurse sharks.  The body patterns on the flanks of these species can be used to identify individual animals.

Once we know how many individuals there are and their rough location we can start to answer questions like are their populations increasing or decreasing, how far are the sharks moving?  These are the sorts of questions that we don’t yet know the answers too for the Perhentian islands’ populations.

Who is doing this Research

The research is being conducted by the Perhentian Marine Research Station based at Kampong Pasir Hantu.  You can find out more about their work here –

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