Buy upcycled christmas decorations

Buy upcycled Christmas decorations

Buy upcycled christmas decorations which are made from materials, like plastic, recovered from the oceans, beaches and rivers of Malaysia.  We make some using the precious plastic recycling machines.  These machines clean, shred, melt, and inject plastic to make new items.  Precious Plastic is a global movement that started in the Netherlands in 2014 where the machine blueprints were made available online to encourage more machines being made around the world to encourage more people to upcycle globally. Find out more here. Precious Plastic HQ.

The pendants are made from recycled plastic and the strings on the upcycled Christmas decorations are made of fishing rope which was discarded on the beach and continued to catch small animals such as crabs acting as ghost nets.

Through buying these products you know you are helping the freshwater rivers and seas of Malaysia.

The video below shows how we make our precious plastic wall clocks.  Check them out and other items here – Precious plastic store

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