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School Adventure Camps

The Fuze Ecoteer Adventure camps are based in the rainforests of Malaysia.  We take students to adults into rainforests near kl, to Ipoh, to Taman Negara and Belum.

School Camps in Malaysia

Fuze Ecoteer run rainforest school camps at several locations throughout Malaysia.  We can adjust the content of the school camps to suit many different age groups and purposes. For example we have run school camps for primary aged children as young as 8 years old to service learning programmes for university students.   Amongst the more popular programmes are team building, motivation camps, Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey and group volunteer service projects.  You can find out more about our regular rainforest school camp locations below. 

For our latest COVID SOP please visit here.

Rainforest school camp with Fuze Ecoteer at Merapoh
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