What are the Environment Friendly Ways to Help the Community During Corona Virus?

Guest Blog by Maria Li

The novel coronavirus outbreak has changed our lives to a greater extent. However we need to follow environment friendly ways. The things we considered ‘normal’ and were considered to be part of our routine have somehow become questionable. For example, we seldom used to wash hands after getting back to the house and considered them clean. However, the coronavirus precautions suggested by WHO is making us wash our hands for 20 seconds. Likewise, after coming back from outside we change our clothes. We then take a bath, and disinfect everything that we have brought from outside. 

So, one thing is for sure that our lifestyles are changed forever. The simpler things such as looking for the best Heli skiing in the world or going out for lunch have become alien to us. It will take quite a while even after the lockdown ends to resume our lives from where we stopped.

However, life must go on.  We are somehow learning to cope with the changing situations.  Here is how we can keep ourselves and our environment protected simultaneously by using environment friendly ways to help the community.

Environment Friendly Action to remember

Disposing Of the Protective Gears

Getting out of the house during coronavirus outbreak has become quite a task. It requires you to put up a mask, gloves, or a gown made up of either plastic or some other material. The healthcare workers, in particular, are bound to follow these rules strictly. Therefore, the increased use of masks and gloves are resulting in increased pollution. As more people are not disposing of them properly and just throwing them away. Make sure to throw your gloves and masks properly by putting them in trash bags. Protect your surroundings and nature the way you are protecting yourself and your family.

Go Green

The quarantine has given us a chance to rethink our lives and the way we are spending them. Living in the lockdown has made us realize that we need to find a more productive way of spending our time at home. Therefore, what else could be better for us and our surroundings other than gardening? Take this time as an opportunity to make your small kitchen garden. Having some fresh vegetables in your backyard is highly beneficial. Vegetable gardens can help your overall well being and the greenery will contribute to making the air fresher and cleaner. Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can get some pots to play your part in making the environment clean and green.

Reducing Household Waste

It is a prime time to give this notion a thought that how can we make our lifestyle environmental friendly. We must work on reducing our household waste. For example, we can use consider to reuse one-time-use items. Items such as plastic water bottles can be used for making a hanging garden or can be used as pots. Reusing things will be advantageous for you and your surroundings. Lookup for more DIY plastic bottle ideas to be more productive during this quarantine.

Walk Around

Walking around is one of the best ways to keep our environment safe. Through walking you help reduce air polluting fumes that come out of our vehicles. The carbon dioxide from your car greatly contribute to environmental degradation, and, lead to global warming. This quarantine period is the best opportunity for you to make your habit of walking around instead of using motor vehicles to go to the nearby markets. Walking is not just good for the environment, but it is beneficial for your physical and mental health as well. Nothing is better than having fresh air to breathe, make sure to add to the process of purifying the environment we breathe in.

It might sound controversial.  But we cannot deny the fact that this global lockdown has proven to be a blessing in disguise for the environment. We are getting to see the images from all around the world that how human absence is making nature heal.  Wildlife is getting back to living like they used to before humans invaded their habitat. Play your part to live in harmony with nature and save the planet for future generations.

For more ideas on how to stay safe and environmental friendly visit here.

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