Animal care volunteer project

This animal care volunteer project gives you the opportunity to work alongside Indonesia’s famous wildlife. The Centre houses wildlife such as orangutans, sun bears, gibbons and numerous birds.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre

The Wildlife Rescue Centre Jogja is located in West Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and is surrounded by acres of tropical forest. 

Founded in 2010 the centre began taking in animals who are victims of illegal wildlife trafficking. Consequently, there are now more than 150 animals at the Centre.

Wildlife Rescue Centre’s Goal

The goal of the Centre is to release as many animals back into the wild as possible. However, sadly, this is not always possible. Many animals at the animal care volunteer project are not native to Java. Therefore, they must first be translocated to rehabilitation centres in their native home. Hence, for those animals the Centre is a halfway house.

What Will I Do?

You will help with activities such as enclosure cleaning and enrichment. By doing so, you will be helping the animals on their rehabilitation path. This is because, enrichment is important to maintain natural behaviours that they will need in the wild.

You are helping some 150 animals on their journey back to the wild!

FROM GBP712 per week 

  •  Up to 10 Persons
  •  All Meals Included
  •  6 – 55 Nights
  •  Care for injured and confiscated animals
  •  Start any Monday all year
  •  Minimum Age 18
Animal care volunteer project in Indonesia

Animal care volunteer Project Impacts in 2019

Volunteer with wildlife animal care project

Volunteer Project Details

Daily Activities

Volunteers at the wildlife rescue centre, Jogja work for five days and rest for two. Each morning, you will work with a keeper to clean enclosures. There are 4 areas that you will get to work in; and these are: orangutan, small primates, birds and in the nutrition room. You will rotate through these and during your second week you will be able to pick areas you would like to focus on more.

What will I do in the morning?

The first area you will work in is the nutrition room where you’ll help Bob prepare the foods for all of the 150+ animals. Secondly, you’ll work with Dedi cleaning the small primates. This includes the sun bears, gibbons, siamang, macaque, and binturong.
Thirdly, you will work with Sangsang cleaning out the birds. Lastly, your time will be spent with Ramelan, cleaning the seven orangutans’ enclosures.

What happens after break time?

It is now feeding time for the animal. You can pick which animals you want to help feed such as orangutan, crocodile, macaque, siamang or eagles! If you are not helping to feedi, you can help to clean the mice trays or make enrichment for the animals.
After lunch activities include making enrichment, (Read here on why animal enrichment is important) and assisting vets. Next, you will also help with enclosure maintenance such as cleaning turtle or sun bear pools or repairing enclosures. Moreover, if there is time, you might also be able to help with the afternoon feeding!

What else will I be doing?

On Wednesdays, the Centre hosts a Kid’s Club. You will be able to assist the staff to help teach English to the kids. Other than that, you can even play games in your lessons!
On Thursdays, you will experience a Javan dinner at a local Javanese family’s house. The family will show you around and also cook traditional food for you.
Fridays are when the WRC has their Community English class. Here, you will be able to help locals enhance their English skills!

Will I have free time?

Weekends are your free time. You can explore Yogyakarta or rest. Otherwise, if you would like to work more, you can also discuss with the team.



  • 7 days 6 nights     GBP712
  • 14 days 13 nights   GBP1,050
  • 21 days 20 nights GBP1,404
  • 28 days 27 nights  GBP1,754

Start Dates

Every Monday all year round


  • Each room comes with air-conditioning to keep you cool
  • It has a balcony and drying rack.
  • A pillow and duvet is provided and 2 plug sockets (at minimum).
  • There is also a wardrobe where you can hang clothes.
  • A wet room style bathroom with a shower, western toilet and a sink.
  • All rooms come with a key so you can lock up while out to ensure the safety of your belongings.
  • The WRC has 24hour security at the entrance, so you can be sure that you are always safe.
  • There is a lobby area with a water dispenser, tea, and coffee, a fridge, a microwave you can use.
  • It has plenty of seating, a washing machine, and fans!
  • Throughout the rooms and lobby, there is WIFI that is free to use.
  • There is also WIFI in the animal area.



Break time snack, Lunch and dinner will be prepared for you. However, you make your own breakfast. During break time you will get a snack. This will be a typical Indonesian snack such as filled pastry or a sweet made from rice flour.

Lunch is typically rice with Indonesian foods such as tofu, jackfruit, chicken or Javanese salad! You will also get a refreshingly cold drink such as iced tea or a fruit smoothie. Other than that, you will also get a variation of fruit during the week for dessert.

Dinner is similar to lunch with rice and either fish, chicken or Tempe depending on the day. You may have fried rice or fried noodles.


I had an amazing time here, it was so cool to be up close to the wildlife. All of the keepers are nice and make the time in the animal area even more exciting. I got to work alongside keepers, vets and also help with tasks like enrichment and maintenance as well as animal feeding! 

What do you think of the activities?

Javan dinner, english community and Kids club are great activities and keep the weeks different and interesting. I was able to help monitor the orang-utan and sun bears and help cleanup the turtles ponds. There is plenty of places to visit on the weeks: Waterfalls, temples, city centre, forests and lakes.


My first ever experience at volunteering and I was so nervous. I wasn’t to sure what to expect before I left. I had read all the information, twice or more. Fortunately there was full contact with the volunteer coordinator at WRC and all my odd questions were answered. On arrival all my fears disappeared as I was introduced to my new family and shown all I needed to know. 

How Did You Feel?

I really felt welcome and loved/appreciated. The excitement I felt the following morning waking in a jungle to gibbons calling but still having those essential creature comforts. I was only able to stay 2 weeks and time flew by so fast. All I want to do now is return and give all my babies that I looked after big cuddles. Once a volunteer always a volunteer. Thank you WRC for letting me have this amazing experience.

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