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Eco Education Volunteer Project

Join our Eco education volunteer project where you inspire the next generation and involve them in sustainable living and nature conservation.

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Why Choose This Project?

Our Eco education volunteer project is perfect for people looking to get involved in teaching and eco-education. Moreover, this is a perfect volunteering project for families looking for a cultural experience where both adults and children can learn from each other. You and your children can get involved as much as you want or sit back and relax a bit. We can also provide private accommodation at an extra cost if required. If you want to talk to other families who have volunteered with this project please feel free to ask.

Project Highlights

About the Project

The Perhentian Eco Education Volunteer Project focuses to teach and support the islanders to care for their splendid environment whilst also offering volunteers a first-hand experience of community life in a traditional Malaysian village surrounded by turquoise seas, white sands and vibrant marine life. 

The Perhentian Islands are at a vital time with tourism increasing each year. Although this has significantly improved the livelihoods of the local community, it has also led to negative consequences that arise with irresponsible and unsustainable tourism. That is why our project functions to inform, educate and encourage the locals, young and old, to practice community-led tourism and sustainable living. Learn more about the project and its impacts in 2019.

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Our family of four enjoyed our Fuze Ecoteer volunteering week very much. We spent time with kids of the village on Perhentian Kecil and together with them we made signs for small local businesses, planted various plants and vegetables, taught English classes, made eco crafts, did beach cleanups meanwhile fully involved in the life of the local community. Truly a wonderful experience! - Elvira
It was really amazing to see Fuze Ecoteer's impact on the lives of people living in the village, including bringing up the younger generation to continue contributing to the cause. Overall, I had such a great time during this project. It really is a unique, interesting experience that I’m glad I was able to be a part of. - Debbie Lim
The trip is funny.I met about 10 persons from different countries.Through communications,I know some cultures and customs of their country.During the program,we done some meaningful works together,like teaching kids English, cleaning beaches,playing games with kids,learning how to make doughnuts,visiting the Local etc.Besides,you can enjoy beautiful scenery.The people there are kind and friendly.Trust me,you gonna love it. - Yu
I had a really great week at Ecoteer House. It is a really unique experience, living in the village and being able to learn about the culture. I really enjoyed Malay dinner where we went to a local's house and ate with them and their family. Although I was the first and only volunteer, all of the interns were really friendly and welcoming so I still had a really fun time. The islands are absolutely stunning, the corals were beautiful and I saw 3 turtles! The accommodation was nice, particularly because o had volunteer house to myself, and the food was always really yummy. It is a very chilled project and a lot of the time I spent just relaxing. - Sophie
We went there as a family last year; my kids were then 12yo, 9yo and 4yo. They had a blast! Learning about the ocean and sea creatures, conversing with the locals and Ecoteer staff and volunteers, and enjoying each other's company as our own family unit. We were amazed at how much they learnt and grown without being in school (they missed school for about a week or so). Accommodation and food were excellent too. Perhentian has a lot to offer; the immense beauty under the sea, white powdery beaches and cool waves, the authentic local scene with friendly villagers and yummy food, to top it all, excellent Ecoteer team coupled with great activities! - Shariza

Volunteer Project Details

Start of the Week

Arrival on Monday | Briefing and Orientation | Water Confidence | Mural Painting | Kayak Patrol


Snorkel Tour | Coral Watch Briefing | Senior Eco club Lesson Planning, Preparation & Participation | Coral Watch | Precious Plastics Programme | Kuih making Session | Malay Dinner

End of the week & Weekend

Junior Eco club Planning & Participation | Island Exploration | Beach Cleanup | Wiremesh Bin Activities | Precious Plastics Programme |  Departure

* Detailed itinerary will be provided after booking with us. 

Eco Club Classes

Get involved in planning activities for lessons during the Eco Club classes held by the projects for both Senior and Junior members. Then, execute your activities as part of the lesson during the class! The village kids are always keen to learn something new!

Find out more about Roots and Shoots here.

Perhentian Islands Ladies Association (PILA)

In 2012, we initiated PILA to help increase the income and environmental awareness of the village ladies. Each week, the ladies host traditional ‘kuih’ (Malay traditional dessert) making sessions for visitor and tourists. Consequently, you will get to learn something new from the ladies. Look forward to eating something new too! There is always room for dessert!

Coral Watch

Join the Eco club members as they assess the health of the corals in which they protect. Snorkel and free dive to witness the beautiful underwater world at Perhentian. wOther than that, learn more about the health of the corals. Done twice weekly, help the kids to collect data and learn how to differentiate corals and assess its health.

Find out more about Coral Watch here.

Kayak Patrol

Join Perhentian’s own village rangers kayak around the village to make sure the waters are free of trash. This activity help to reduce the probability of marine lives from ingesting plastics and other unnatural products. Subsequently, it also creates awareness to other locals and tourists alike to not litter into the ocean.

Awareness Campaigns

Every week, we visit the local bays and brief tourists going on snorkel tours about how they can be more eco conscious while snorkelling. This is important  because it allows the reduction of harm done to corals and marine lives.

Precious Plastic Machine

As part of education on plastic wastes, our team also work the Precious Plastic Machine. Through this initiative, plastic wastes of Type 2 and Type 5 are collected and made into something new. You will get to learn and go through the whole process yourself. What better way to reduce wastes! Visit our Precious Plastic store now and look through our precious plastic products.

Beach Clean Up

We have all seen the photos and videos and heard the story; a plastic straw stuck in the nose of a poor sea turtle. At our projects, we commit to weekly beach clean-ups to ensure that the beach and consequently the ocean is clean and safe for marine life. 

Volunteers will help us during our beach clean-up and will then sort the trash according to recyclable categories or non recyclable items and collect data on the clean up.

Malay Dinner

What better way to taste Malaysian food other than cooked by a local. You will get to have a taste of authentic Malay food at the house of one of the ladies of PILA i.e Perhentian Ladies of Association. The Malays are big on hospitality and having visitors at their house is always a great experience.

This is also the perfect time to learn more about a new culture and to educate others about your own! What a way to see the world.

Starting Dates

Any Monday in April until end of September in 2021.

–Closed for 2020–

Malaysian Bookings

1 week  RM800 Shoulder RM1,000 Peak

2 Weeks RM1,600 Shoulder RM1,980 Peak

3 Weeks RM2,400 Shoulder RM2,700 Peak

4 Weeks RM3,000 Shoulder RM3,500 Peak

All fees include return boat transfer, marine park fee, three meals per day, basic fan dormitory with shared bathroom, all activities.

Shoulder Season = April, May and September
Peak Season = June-August

International Bookings

1 week  RM1,500 Shoulder RM2,100 Peak

2 Weeks RM2,500 Shoulder RM3,250 Peak

3 Weeks RM3,400 Shoulder RM4,250 Peak

4 Weeks RM4,200 Shoulder RM5,250 Peak

All fees include return boat transfer, marine park fee, three meals per day, basic fan dormitory with shared bathroom, all activities and RM500 for carbon off-setting.

Shoulder Season = April, May and September
Peak Season = June-August

Fees Breakdown


Project Fees









  • Project fees include project staff wages and house rental and upkeep for 12 months, food and logistics for staff, all equipment and educational activities.


Food in Perhentian is simple Malaysian dishes mixed with some Malaysian styled western foods like Burger Ramli, which are a must!

The volunteer programme package includes all daily meals:

Breakfast – Generally, for breakfast it’s simple toast, fruits or roti canai. (The Malaysian pancake a.k.a the Malaysian Flattened Croissant).

Lunch – Lunch is normally eaten out at local restaurants.

Dinner – Volunteers normally help to cook dinner with our project team and we eat together. Once a week, you will eat a delicious dinner when you go to the home of one of the villagers. This is the time for you to experience authentic Malay cooking and ask as many questions as you’d like.


Volunteers will stay at the Ecoteer’s Volunteer House, which has 3 sections/rooms with a communal toilet/ bathroom. Bedding and mosquito nets are provided. A small safe is available for passport and/or money at Ecoteer House. Safe drinking water and fans also provided.

Other Facilities

Wi-fi internet access is available at the project house. Shops are available in the village to purchase toiletries, snacks, drinks, veg, chicken and fruits. For laundry, hand wash/washing machine is available at the Ecoteer House. Paid laundry services is also available in the village.  

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Our Merchandises

You can support the Fuze Ecoteer projects and supported organisations by buying their merchandise.  A minimum of 60% of your fee goes directly towards the conservation cause linked to that product.  The other percentage is used for production costs.

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