Precious plastic Store

Precious Plastic Store

Fuze Ecoteer runs a precious plastic store and operates machines around Malaysia.  The machines are used to turn waste plastics into something new. The plastics are found during clean ups or taken directly from restaurants, shops, resorts and homes.  The waste plastics are cleaned and dried.  Once dried they go through the shredder and shredded into small pieces.  The small pieces are then heated up and the melted mixture is injected into a mold. The molds are cooled and a brand new item is born!

Why support this Precious Plastic Store

The products at this store help remove waste plastic from Malaysia. They also help to financially support conservation projects on the Perhentian Islands.  The projects include the Perhentian Turtle Project, Perhentian Marine Research Station and the Perhentian Eco Education Project.  75% of your fee goes towards these projects with the other 25% being used for production and sales.

You can also support those projects by volunteering with them

Turtle Volunteer with Perhentian Turtle Project

Scuba Dive coral conservation project – Perhentian Marine Research Station

Eco Education volunteer – Perhentian Eco Education Project  


What is Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic is a global movement. It promotes the use of easy to build and use plastic recycling machines.  The movement started in the Netherlands and is now global!

Check out the global site here – Precious Plastic! 

Fuze Ecoteer not only operates the machines but also run precious plastic workshops for schools and offices.  If you would like to find out more about our Precious Plastic Workshops please visit here.


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