In partnership with the East West Centre the Perhentian Marine Research Station
are launching the 2021 Marine Conservation Scholarship

The Perhentian Marine Research Station is a project that was initiated by Blue Temple Conservation in 2013 but from June-2016 has been managed by Fuze Ecoteer. The aim of the research station is to monitor the marine ecosystems and assess population dynamics and movements of specific fauna living in the Perhentian Islands Marine Park. The results of the studies will be given to decision-makers to help them effectively manage the Marine Park.

Specific areas PMRS looks into are habitat mapping for reef complexity including corals, anemones and seagrass, waste management and coral rehabilitation. The project is funded by volunteerism and school and corporate groups.

As the Marine Conservation Scholar of the Perhentian Marine Research Station, you will first learn and then be responsible for various things including assisting in station’s management, research, interns, volunteers and monthly budgets. You will work closely with the Project Leader to achieve your personal goals and development and then you will be responsible for achieving those targets.

The focus of the scholarship will always be towards you becoming a skilled marine project manager and learn applied research techniques for reef ecosystem. 2021 Marine Scholar is funded by East West Center (EWC), Hawaii under the Innovation Fellowship Initiative. The EWC Innovation Fellows Initiative is a ten (10) year opportunity to support members of the EWC striving to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). EWC Innovation Fellows co-design and co-deliver innovation initiatives for the EWC within their organization or company. The initiative supports innovation within health, environment, community resilience, and the arts sectors. Through the Innovation Fellowship program PMRS is aiming to cultivate conservation leaders and accelerate conservation impact beyond Perhentian Island through outreach programs to Malaysian youth.

● Participate in Innovation Fellow mentorship series and EWC virtual programs.
● Marine Scholars will undertake the role of assisting Project Leader at PMRS as the
learning experience in conservation training.
● Marine Scholar is expected to lead at least one outreach program to Malaysian youth
during the placement with PMRS.

This role will require excellent man-management skills (interns, volunteers, villagers and resort
staff), organization skills and leadership. You will need to have the passion to make a difference
in the Perhentian Islands and remember this is a long-term project that you are being part of.

Assisting Project Manager at PMRS includes;
Conservation Leadership
● Stakeholder engagement is an important key area for PMRS, the five year strategy is to have at least 1 resort/dive centre partner per bay and for us to work with them to educate them and help them protect their own piece of paradise.
● You will be expected to keep regular contact with supportive resorts and dive centres to retain good relations with them.
● Develop monthly activities with our partners firstly by bay and then collectively.
● To create a quarterly newsletter to distribute to stakeholders.
● Analyse the data to seek for causes for environmental damage if any, ie why are the reefs dying? Is it more local impacts like divers or perhaps global factors like global warming?

Management of Volunteers
● Ensure ALL program introductions and safety briefings are given with all applicable forms signed and records kept.
● Ensure ALL protocols and procedures are explained to volunteers prior to undertaking any activity.
● Monitor volunteers throughout the program with attention paid to safety, morale and participation.
● Facilitate volunteer meetings to gain feedback on the program and to identify key interest areas for long term stays.
● Regularly review the program with your colleagues.
● Ensure the general upkeep of volunteer areas.

● Coordinating and establishing coral rehabilitation projects around the islands.
● Assessment of artificial reefs in the islands including purpose sunk reefs to act as fishing grounds for the villagers on the boundaries of the park.
● Monitoring of data for quality and accuracy, if any decrease in quality then retraining shall be needed.
● Ensure data is input on a daily basis
● Give ideas of other parameters that could be collected
● Process data so that it can be used on posters and in reports etc
● Create posters and displays that inform tourists about the implications of the research

PMRS HOUSE – The Station
● You will be based in the village in the Perhentian Islands so culture sensitivity from yourself and your team and volunteers is vital.
● You will be responsible for the up keep of PMRS House and create house chore schedules on a rota basis
● Ensure the volunteers and staff keep the accommodation and outside areas in a clean and tidy state.

● Be a leader who leads by example through passion, hard work and dedication.
● High level of water safety awareness.
● Attention to detail when it comes to research training, data collection, data input and research monitoring.
● Good PR
● Ensure a good level of communication between yourself and colleagues at all times.
● Undertake and demonstrate consistent planning of your workload and adhere to set
● Meet regularly with your team and other project leaders in the islands as the timetable of the project allows.
● Complete Reports, Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures and programme content as required.
● Provide cover for colleague’s leave and illness as required.
● Travel for the purposes of work following agreed timetabling and budgets.
● Provide adequate notice of any travel needed whether work related or personal.
● Must display a professional example to volunteers and colleagues at all times.
● Must adhere to all safety measures, protocols and procedures as directed by Ecoteer.
● Must notify Project Leader of issues that affect the completion of set tasks.
● Take on tasks in addition to the descriptions above as delegated by the Project Leader that are deemed fair, achievable within the present task load and within the person’s capability.

● Excellent communication skills and confident public speaker.
● Excellent research data collection experience
● Good swimming ability and water safety awareness.
● High level of organization and ability to meet deadlines.
● Potential management skills and a strong desire to be a leader.
● Knowledge of the work of Ecoteer and marine conservation in Malaysia.
● Competent in using Microsoft Office.
● A flexible and adaptive approach.
● Must be comfortable in asking for assistance in a demanding role.

● East West Center, Hawaii network and mentorship
● Your monthly gross stipend of RM300 per month.
● A Scuba Diving course to advance from current qualification.
● Accommodation – will be provided at PMRS House in Perhentian Islands.
● Food – you will be allowed a share of communal food. if over budget then each person pays their proportion of the over spend.
● Sales commission – from profit NOT sales price
○ 10% on groups
○ 10% on Free Independent Traveller
● All work related expenses (not travel to and from Malaysia) and not visa runs.
● Free wifi internet at bases.
● Accident Insurance – up to RM20,000 per acciden

Perhentian Marine Research Station Full Logo

The Perhentian Marine Research Station was established under Blue Temple Conservation in 2015.  It was given to Fuze Ecoteer in 2017 and it changed name to its current name.

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East West Center

In realisation of the importance of youth empowerment, PMRS, through the support of the East West Center, has embarked on its initiatives in community empowerment through two innovation programs; 

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