Homeware and Office ware

Precious Plastic Homeware and Office ware

If you are looking for ethical products for your homeware and office ware then you have come to the right place.  We use the Precious Plastic method to recycle ocean and river plastic.  We recover plastic from the environment and then use the machines to clean, shred, melt and finally inject the plastic into a mould, making a new product.  How cool is that?

We will have more items coming soon as we are growing our products suitable for your home, office and even cafe.

The team make all sorts of things and we hope to start upcycling with different materials in the coming months and years.  We all have to respect that one persons waste is another persons treasure, thats the ethos behind the circular economy.

If you would like to know more about Precious Plastic please visit the main page here

You can see the entire process by watching the video below. The Wall clock was made from plastic collected during the 2020 International Coastasl clean up event in Malaysia.

You can also visit our general precious plastic store by visiting this page. Fuze Ecoteer Precious Plastic online shop

Watch how we make our Precious Plastic Wall Clock in the video below

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