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Recycled Plastic Pin Badge


Check out our awesome recycled plastic pin badge.  We make these pin badge from ocean and river plastic which we recover on cleanups throughout Malaysia.  We use the Precious Plastic machines to clean, shred and inject hot plastics into a small mould which makes our shark and turtle pendants.

You can find our other precious plastic items by following this link Precious Plastic Shop.


Here is how our Precious Plastic machines works.

We collect plastic and other wastes from beaches and rivers. We then separate the items and we take out the recyclables. The plastics of type 2 and 5 we take back to our machine. We then clean the plastics by hand and then use the shredder to cut them up into small pieces. We then clean the pieces again so they are like new. We then put the plastic flakes into an injection machine which heats the plastic flakes until they melt. Once melted we inject the hot plastic into a mould. We open the mould and we have a new item. Simple as that!

Watch our video below about how we make our Precious Plastic Wall Clocks.



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