T-shirt for conservation

T-shirts for conservation

Buy one of our awesome T-shirts and help conservation efforts at the related projects.

Perhentian Turtle Project

The Perhentian Turtle Project focuses on two main aspects. Firstly they protect 300-400 sea turtle nests per year at the hatchery and nesting beach.  They release about 25,000 hatchlings which hatched at the hatchery.

Secondly, they conduct a turtle photo ID research project which allows researchers to estimate the population size of sea turtles that use the islands. In 2020 there were over 300 individuals documented in the database.

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Wildlife Rescue Centre Jogja

The Wildlife Rescue Centre cares for animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. They would have been confiscated from their owners by the government and sent to the centre for care. The animals that are able to be released will be the ones too impacted by humans will stay and live at the centre for the rest of their lifes. The centre is doing a great job and cares for over 150 animals and releases between 10-20 animals a year.

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