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Help support sea turtle conservation in the Perhentian islands. Buy our merchandise and a minimum of 60% will go towards the Perhentian Turtle Project.

What is the Perhentian Turtle Project?

The Perhentian turtle project is a conservation project based on the Perhentian islands in Malaysia.  The project focuses on 2 main aspects.

Firstly the project focuses on creating a photo ID database of sea turtles that use the Perhentian Islands.  They take photos of the turtles face on the left and right flanks. They use the scales on the faces to identify the individual turtles, similar to human fingerprints, the patterns are all unique.  The locations and times are recorded so we can build up a loose population and movement map of the islands.  There is a really cool thing that this has identified. The ID system has shown that the nesting female mothers are not seen during the day at the seagrass feeding grounds. That means that the nesting and foraging populations can be considered as different populations and thus they require slightly different management strategies.

The second focus is the management of a turtle nesting beach and the hatchery along with the Fisheries department team.  There are roughly 300-400 nests per year protected and incubated by this hatchery. This means approx 25,000 hatchlings are released back to the sea.

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