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Aim – To provide a financially sustainable system that removes solid waste from natural environments which can be replicated, essentially turning waste into new revenue streams.

Upcycled by FE expects to remove in excess of 5,000KG of solid waste from the Perhentian Islands and the Kayu Ara River in 2021.  In 2022 this amount of waste would increase to 15,000KG.  The project once stable will hire members from the B40 group as daily paid assistants to upcycle the waste and help with collections and pick-ups, additionally the project will provide a buy-back recycling scheme for residents and restaurants whom live near to the Kayu Ara River and the Perhentian Islands.

Once the project reaches Phase 3 which it expects to reach by the end of 2022, it will be an example of a real life working model of a self-sustainable way of removing solid waste from the environment.

Upcycled by FE will initially work on upcycling plastics but it will look at other waste streams as well including organic wastes, fabrics and others. But plastics first.  Se below some of the items we make

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If you want to join in our cause then please join as an 3-6month intern or weekly volunteer.

Corporate Waste Solutions

We work with corporates to turn their waste into new revenue streams, helping to improve your ESG report and leading you towards being an industry leader in the circular economy.

Sell Our merchandise or your own Branded Items

If you want to support our cause and have a shop then we are looking for you. We want to focus on B2B and sell our products through distributors but also we can manufacture you bespoke items just for you.

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