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Are you looking for your first full time paid job in conservation?
Check out this page for the latest ‘Early Years’ conservation jobs in Asia

Below you can find the latest conservation jobs in Asia for those who are ready to work full-time in the conservation industry. To stand a chance of securing one of these roles, you will need to have a fair amount of conservation experience under your belt. We recommend various volunteering programmes and at least one relevant internship (although more is better); you can check out the current conservation internships available in Asia. We also have an FE internship page displaying our internships and offering advice for budding conservationists if that is you.

We are proud to be working in Asia and believe that it is fantastic place to be doing conservation work with abundant opportunities for progress. For a more persuasive argument of “why Asia?”, head over to our Careers page. Continue below for ‘Early Years’ conservation jobs in Asia.

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conservation careers

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A common problem in our industry today is the lack of full-time employment available for passionate and talented young people. Read this article by the Guardian for a fair analysis of the problems young conservationists face today. The truth is, it is a very competitive market and one that can be very hard to penetrate. It seems that more people want to help conservation efforts than the conservation industry wants people to help and this can be very frustrating for passionate young people.

If you are struggling to find a full-time job in conservation, the best advice we can give you is to develop a valuable skill that will make you a useful asset in the eyes of an employer. Perhaps this means taking courses and gaining qualifications in things seemingly entirely unrelated to conservation such as marketing, videography, illustration or even business skills such as accounting, HR and sales. What would make you even more useful to employers is a few years of industry experience in these sectors before applying to full-time conservation jobs in Asia or elsewhere.

In fact, on our team at Fuze Ecoteer, along with our purebred conservationists, we have full-time staff who used to be lawyers, salesmen, accountants and even actors! The point is that you do not have to work through the “conventional” route to becoming a paid conservationist. There are many avenues you can take to end up at your desired conservation job, and in fact, what is lacking in the industry is not passionate people but skilled people. For more advice, check out what our friends over at Conservation Careers have to say.

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For the occasional environmental job update and for other generally interesting posts about ongoing conservation in Asia, be sure to check out Fuze Ecoteer’s LinkedIn page. We also have a Facebook page with regular updates on our conservation projects in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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