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Find the latest conservation jobs in Asia at a Senior level.

Below is a list spawned from our collaboration with Conservation Careers that provides you with all the latest senior positions for conservation jobs in Asia. These are for the veterans of the industry: the experts, the gurus, the Attenboroughs, the Goodalls. If you so happen to be one of these epic people, check out the list, see what sparks your curiosity, and soon you could be applying your knowledge and expertise to important conservation projects in Asia, the most magnificent continent on Earth.

Being a senior level candidate, you will have much choice as to where you take your skills so you may be wondering: “why Asia?”. For an answer to this, head over to our main Careers page or read on below. The jobs listed out on this page will take you to some of the most significant cities in the East such as Jakarta, New Delhi and Bangkok, where unique cultures interact and thrive.

Conservation jobs in Asia at senior level

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The jobs listed above are located in countries and cities which have enormous potential for conservation work. Asia is a continent that’s industry has been rapidly developing for many decades now, but environmental regulations and awareness have not kept apace. This leaves the world’s greatest continent in a perilous position. Some of the most ecologically significant locations on Earth are highly threatened by Asia’s hyper-development. Great rivers are swimming with plastic and industrial waste, millions of people breathe unsafe urban air and factories continue to emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

These are great environmental tragedies and it is why the continent needs skilled conservationists and environmentalists to help conserve the nature and wildlife. It is no good to have all of the world’s most talented and experienced conservationists in developed countries where the environment is comparatively safe. It is in Asia, the world’s largest continent, with thousands of habitats and endangered endemic species, with 60% of the world’s population, where your skills are most needed and will be most impactful. Don’t forget to check out the other conservation jobs in Asia by clicking on the relevant link below.

For the occasional environmental job update and for other generally interesting posts about ongoing conservation in Asia, be sure to check out Fuze Ecoteer’s LinkedIn page. We also have a facebook page that posts updates of the current work being done at our conservation projects in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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