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You can support the great work of the Perhentian Turtle Project by buying some of their merchandise below.  For every item you buy more than 50% will actually go towards the work of the project.  For example, if you buy a t-shirt, the production cost is Rm18 and Rm22 will be given to the project.

What does the Perhentian Turtle project Do?

The Perhentian Turtle Project focuses on 2 main things. Firstly conducting a photo ID database of all the sea turtles that use the islands. From April 2020 they have over 300 individuals in the database.

The photos of the turtles are collected by the PTP team and also through tourists, snorkel guides and dive crew through the PTP citizen science project. One cool thing they have discovered is that the female turtles that can be seen nesting around the islands at night have never been seen foraging on sea grass around the islands during the day. So the next question is so where do those nesting females go? We are yet to find out!

The other part of the Perhentian Turtle Project work is focused on guarding a nesting beach and a turtle hatchery on Tiga Ruang. There are around about 300-400 nests that go into the hatchery each year resulting in approximately 25,000 hatchlings being released each year.

If you would like to support this great project then you can either buy the merchandise below, or you can contribute to the below

Volunteer with turtles – Perhentian Turtle Project
Turtle Adoption programme

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