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Fuze Ecoteer runs school trips and programmes in marine based environments such as Perhentian, Pangkor and Cherating. 

Fuze Ecoteer run marine conservation school trips in Malaysia.  Join us in the Perhentian Islands where your students can get involved with sea turtle conservation and scuba diving for coral conservation.  We also offer programmes in Cherating and Sabah.  If swimming is not your strongest strength don’t worry the Fuze Ecoteer team can help you improve your water confidence and partake in more adventurous activities such as kayaking, snorkelling and onland amazing races.

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Perhentian Islands


Biology field trip marine conservation school trips in Malaysia

Biology Field trip and Marine conservation school trips

If you want to conduct a biology field trip with a focus on marine biology and marine conservation then Fuze Ecoteer can provide for you. We have researchers who can teach about the various different types of research and data collection methods.  If you let us know your requirements and we can design a bespoke programme for you.  We can merge the marine conservation school trip with urban geography and rainforest biology to create a rounded geography or biology field trip.

biology field trip marine conservation school trip in Malaysia

Support our causes and buy some merchandise

You can support the Fuze Ecoteer projects and supported organisations by buying their merchandise.  A minimum of 60% of your fee goes directly towards the conservation cause linked to that product.  The other percentage is used for production costs.

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