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Fuze Ecoteer runs school trips and programmes in marine based environments such as Perhentian, Pangkor and Cherating. 

Fuze Ecoteer run marine conservation school trips in Malaysia.  Join us in the Perhentian Islands where your students can get involved with sea turtle conservation and scuba diving for coral conservation.  We also offer programmes in Cherating and Sabah.  If swimming is not your strongest strength don’t worry the Fuze Ecoteer team can help you improve your water confidence and partake in more adventurous activities such as kayaking, snorkelling and onland amazing races.

If you want more information about our COVID SOP’s please visit this page.

Perhentian Islands

Marine conservation school trips are very popular on the Perhentian Islands. They are paradise and perfect for all ages and are located off the north east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Students can get involved in service projects which help the community and marine conservation.  Scuba diving is possible.  FE also lead active activities such as kayaking, snorkel tours and amazing races around the islands

As the Perhentian Islands are a tourism hotspot there is a range of accommodation to suit all budgets.  We prefer the groups to stay in the muslim fishermans village but we can also run programmes at resorts around the islands.

There is a small clinic in the village on the smaller of the two Perhentian Islands.  The nearest hospital is 20 minutes by boat and then a 10 minute drive to the government hospital at Jerteh.  All students must wear lifejackets throughout.


Risk Assessment Feb 2020 – Perhentian

The students can part take in a PADI scuba diving course on the Perhentian Islands with Fuze Ecoteer. We use PADI registered dive centres for courses and safety with the Fuze ecoteer research team join to involve the students in conservation efforts.

Visit the PADI website for more info.

Visit the Perhentian Marine Research Station for more info


Cherating is the perfect location for a short-stay beach experience.  It is only 3 hours from KL on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Here we focus on turtle and mangrove conservation activities. We have a few unique activities in Cherating which include surfing, mangrove kayaking and mangrove replanting.  Our cultural amazing race is also a very popular and fun activity.


Cherating is a tourism destination on the mainland and has a few options. We prefer groups of 30 or less to go Glamping if larger then we will use a local resort.  If the group us small we can use a local village stay, a local house converted into a chalet.


As Cherating is a mainland beach no boats are involved in emergency situations.  The nearest hospital is at Kemaman which is 15 minutes from the chalets.

Risk assessment Oct 2019 – Cherating

Cherating is the only location in Malaysia where your students can be involved in surfing. Surfing is a great way to have fun and learn about oceanography at the same time.  The water is very shallow and the waves are generally small as they break far out at sea. Making Cherating a very good and safe place for students to learn surfing.

Biology field trip marine conservation school trips in Malaysia

Biology Field trip and Marine conservation school trips

If you want to conduct a biology field trip with a focus on marine biology and marine conservation then Fuze Ecoteer can provide for you. We have researchers who can teach about the various different types of research and data collection methods.  If you let us know your requirements and we can design a bespoke programme for you.  We can merge the marine conservation school trip with urban geography and rainforest biology to create a rounded geography or biology field trip.

biology field trip marine conservation school trip in Malaysia

Support our causes and buy some merchandise

You can support the Fuze Ecoteer projects and supported organisations by buying their merchandise.  A minimum of 60% of your fee goes directly towards the conservation cause linked to that product.  The other percentage is used for production costs.

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