Precious Plastic Necklaces

Buy our Precious Plastic Necklaces

Please buy one of our precious plastic necklaces and support the conservation efforts of Fuze Ecoteer.  The necklaces are made from waste plastic found in Malaysia from either beach clean ups or directly from restaurants, shops, resorts and homes.   By buying one of these necklaces you are helping to reduce waste plastic in Malaysia.

The purchase of these necklaces will contribute towards the conservation efforts of the Perhentian Turtle Project and the Perhentian Marine Research Station. Both projects are based in the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. The turtle project is working towards establishing a turtle photo ID database. At present the turtle project has over 300 individual turtles in their database. You can adopt one of the turtles by following this link, turtle adoption.
The Perhentian Marine Research Station focuses on coral, seagrass, and shark monitoring. Once the monitoring has identified patterns then research directed conservation efforts can start.  They also help galvanise the islands resorts and dive centres to work together.

What is Precious Plastic?

Precious Plastic is a movement across the world which involves easy to build home recycling machines.  The machines shred, heat and then inject plastic into molds. The end product depends on your mould. Fuze Ecoteer make necklaces and are also developing chairs and other longer-lasting more practical items as well.
Find out more about Precious Plastic here

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